Pictures: Dirty Disco Amsterdam Dance Event Special 17-10-14

Pictures: Dirty Disco Amsterdam Dance Event Special 17-10-14

Finally the Pictures: Dirty Disco ADE Special are online.

We had a great time together with you, every DJ played a wonderful set and filled his spot in the night perfectly with the music needed to be played. The photo’s were taken and shot by Bob Van Deurzen Photography, he is really good at this, just check the images to see his skills, for party pictures or for artist portfolio pictures he is def your man. check out his website for more information and his contact info:

Before the Dirty Disco ADE Special was about to start i installed 2 go-pro hero3 camera’s in the DJ booth, this way i recorded all the DJ sets from 2 angles, i had one camera setup in front of the DJ, and a second one recording from the right.

I will upload these video’s very soon so make sure to check back once in a while or check our facebook page.
What’s so great about these video’s is not just that you can listen and see the DJ live-set and while listening you can see how we work, but especially with the front camera you can join the DJ on his journey in his set, it shows the emotional process the DJ goes through. it’s just an unique perspective on a DJ working in the DJ booth.

For now you have to do it with the pictures, please check them out, let us know what you think.

Big shout out’s to:

Man Without A Clue
Marly Mar
Bob Van Deurzen
Steff Jaspers

And to everybody who came out to have a party with us on the Amsterdam Dance Event!

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  1. […] Sinds dit weekend staan ook de foto’s online van ons ADE avontuur, check ze hier de foto’s zijn gemaakt door Bob Van Deurzen Photography check z,n website hier […]

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