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Podcast 420 | Curated & Mixed music from: Baaz – Jungle – Sam Ruffillo – DJ Merci – Ubblahkan – Joy Orbison & more.

Kono Vidovic August 23, 2021 338 7 5

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New mixed music selection.

The difference between the Dirty Disco music show and many other podcasts is that we are a multitude of elements where others just stop. First we curate the latest new electronic music releases. We review music and talk about it while we mix them into a mixed music selection. This way we aim to offer inspiration for new music, a cool listening experience while we try to spread a positive message into the world. So basically it comes down to, that we are a: review music show podcast, DJ mix, playlist and radio show in one.

Next to that I also have to mention that Dirty Disco is a community driven podcast with a lot of devoted listeners every week. Without you there would be no mixed music selection in the first place. Therefore every week it’s a real pleasure to have you tuning in while we receive all of your kind words and messages.

Dirty Disco 420 Contents.

In episode 420 there are 26 new tracks curated from various artists and music labels. Among them are 6 promo releases on the current time of writing and recording the show. In this week’s new mixed music selection you’ll find 4 artist albums from: Mark Hawkins – The New Normal which is dropping on Houndstooth the 24th of september. Jungle – Loving In Stereo is a real gem and must-have 12 inch, produced in lock-down with brighter times in the minds of Josh Lloyd and Tom McFarland. Then there is the deep, soulful electronica album by Baaz – Alley on Office Recordings and last but not least Pleasure Voyage bringing you balearic feel-good music on their “Daydreams” LP released on Horisontal Mambo.

This week’s promo releases.

Promo’s are always time dependent. After the official release it’s no longer called a promo. Every week we always try to select a few promo releases that we really like. This way we can bring exclusive music to you for your listening pleasure or when you are a DJ to inspire you with new forthcoming music.

Here are this week’s promo releases:

  • Pleasure Voyage – Daydreams | Horisontal Mambo – Rel date: 27-8-21 – Digital & Vinyl.
  • Ubblahkan – Wispadine | Seven Music – Rel date: 24-9-21 – Digital.
  • Tomos – Go – Juicebox Recordings – No release date known at this time.
  • Mark Hawkins – The New Normal LP – Houndstooth – Rel date: 24-9-21.

Full tracklist.

All of the selected music are real must-have EP’s and LP’s. From the 26 tracks in this week’s mixed music selection 10 are available on vinyl (check the tracklist below to find out). If a physical copy or digital download is not your thing, but streaming is. You can always check out our official Spotify playlist here. It gets updated (refreshed) every week with music from the current mixed music selection. If you feel like reaching out, you can do so here through email or find our social channels in the top-right corner of this page.

Mixed Music in Dirty Disco 420ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateFormat
Baaz - AlleyBaazPasta PalaceAlleyOffice RecordingsLP10-8-21DIG
Baaz - AlleyBaazChargedAlleyOffice RecordingsLP10-8-21DIG
Jungle - Loving In StereoJungleDry Your TearsLoving In StereoCaiola RecordsLP11-8-21DIG & 12”
Tastes Like Freedom- Remixed30/70Tastes Like Freedom (yu Su Midnight Blossom Remix)Tastes Like Freedom (Remixed)Rhythm Section InternationalEP11-8-21DIG & 12”
Jungle - Loving In StereoJungleJust Fly, Don’t WorryLoving In StereoCaiola RecordsLP11-8-21DIG & 12”
Pleasure Voyage - DaydreamsPleasure VoyageFind Your OceanDaydreamsHorisontal MamboLP27-8-21DIG & 12”
Johannes Albert - Spessart - The Dance VersionsJohannes AlbertSchönrain (Ibiza Mix)Spessart (The Dance Versions)Frank MusicEP5-8-21DIG
Ubblahkan - Wispadine - Seven MusicUbblahkanWispadineWispadineSeven MusicEP24-9-21DIG
DJ Merci - Late Night EPDJ MerciEast Side CatsLate NightSengiley RecordingsEP13-8-21DIG
Pleasure Voyage - DaydreamsPleasure VoyagePiano LoveDaydreamsHorisontal MamboLP27-8-21DIG & 12”
Sam Ruffillo - Italianissimo EPSam RuffilloEs BuenaItalianissimoToy TonicsEP13-8-21DIG
Sam Ruffillo - Italianissimo EPSam RuffilloPerfetta CosiItalianissimoToy TonicsEP13-8-21DIG
Joy Orbison - still slipping vol. 1Joy OrbisonBetter (Ft Lea Sen)Still Slipping Vol 1XL RecordingsEP11-8-21DIG & 12”
The Stoned - Get Over ItThe StonedU’ll Get Over ItGet Over ItMiuraEP13-8-21DIG
Tomos - Go - Juicebox RecordingsTomosGoGoJuicebox RecordingsEP?DIG
DJ Merci - Late Night EPDJ MerciLate NightLate NightSengiley RecordingsEP13-8-21DIG
Baaz - AlleyBaazCharmusAlleyOffice RecordingsLP10-8-21DIG
DJ Merci - Late Night EPDJ MerciTrack TwoLate NightSengiley RecordingsEP13-8-21DIG
Mark HawkinsMark HawkinsCan’t Let You Do ThisThe New NormalHoundstoothLP24-9-21DIG & 12”
Oxi Rain - Water Air Water EPAroma PitchOxi Rain (Club Mix)Water Air WaterPublic PossessionEP13-8-21DIG & 12”
Baaz - AlleyBaazAngela OAlleyOffice RecordingsLP10-8-21DIG
Joy Orbison - still slipping vol. 1Joy OrbisonBorn Slipping (Ft Tyson)Still Slipping Vol 1XL RecordingsEP11-8-21DIG & 12”
The Stoned - Get Over ItThe StonedFloatingGet Over ItMiuraEP13-8-21DIG
Ubblahkan - Wispadine - Seven MusicUbblahkanAnalogue SoulWispadineSeven MusicEP24-9-21DIG
Baaz - AlleyBaazScrollAlleyOffice RecordingsLP10-8-21DIG
Jungle - Loving In StereoJungleTalk About ItLoving In StereoCaiola RecordsLP11-8-21DIG & 12”

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