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Podcast 421 | New Electronic Music Chart Show Session – Kerri Chandler – Ankle Release – Yonatan Rukhman – Demuja & more…

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New Electronic Music Chart Show.

Welcome back to a new selection of my weekly new electronic music picks. For those who are yet unfamiliar with Dirty Disco. We are a weekly electronic music chart show where I pick new releases from the scene I think you should check out. Through the years the weekly Dirty Disco podcast has more and more grown into a go-to place to discover new music for DJs, music professionals and music lovers. Recording a weekly show for you is a real pleasure to do and I’m always very happy with all the kind feedback that I receive from you. So thank you very much for being here with me and sharing the passion in music.

I curated 24 new tracks.

For this week’s electronic music chart show episode 421, I managed to curate 24 new tracks from various EP’s and LP’s. That I dropped in this 2 hour mix session which is also available as a “DJ only” mix here. Among this week’s picks are 6 tracks that you can buy as a vinyl record, and there are 4 LP’s by the Paloma VS Virus Vol 5 compilation where I will play you a few proper dream house tracks from. More very deep dream house on the Dutch Batavia Records label that recently released their Spring Tide Vol 2 compilation.

Here in Dirty Disco frequently played Austrian DJ and producer Demuja just dropped a hot new album titled: Period Of Time on his very own Muja label. And last but not least House music legend Kerri Chandler dropped a very dope new track on his own Koaz Theory label including a bunch of remixes and alternative versions on his “Prayer EP” where he collaborated with Rev F.L. Brown on.

Next to these new LP’s. There are even more must-have EP’s that I selected this week. Some of the highlights you really need to check out are:

Ankle Release - Dodgems

Ankle Release – Dodgems EP on Flankup Recordings.

From the very beginning I have been a fan of the Italian label Flankup Recordings (co-founded by Discojuice). Until now all of their vinyl releases are top-notch pure quality material. There latest addition is no exception and brings the Italian duo Triplex and Fabietto Delgado together under their Ankle Release alias with 3 warm and deep grooving house tracks.

Dodgems EP gives you 3 tracks where you’ll witness the meeting between the hip-hop underground culture from Triplex and the more Disco-Funk vibes from Fabietto which seem to be a perfect fusion that created 3 very dope from high quality Nu Disco vibed tracks.

Ankle Release with Dodgems on Flankup is not only a must-have must listen to 12 inch EP. But also a one to watch artist duo we will def hear more from in the near future.

Make sure to check out the full release here and support the creators.

Yonatan Rukhman - Saul Good

Yonatan Rukhman – Saul Good on NDYD Records.

Our favorite producer from Isreal and friend of Dirty Disco is back with another premier league release on the Frankfurt based NDYD Records label. Yonatan Rukhman delivered two uplifting with a very positive sentiment tracks on his Saul Good EP.

First there is the main title track Saul Good which gives life to a soul sample from 1970 where Yonatan added a gritty bassline and a sunny feel-good vocal hook to.

The second track on this EP is titled “Fatal Desire” and captivates Yonatan’s life slogan: Everything you do is fatal desire. This groover is more of a retro chill disco house track that combines and old school lounge sample, vocal ambient synth work with a powerful climax.

A cool fact and described by Yonatan in his own words is:

I think for this track I was inspired by the “Patiently Waiting” compilation by Mostly Cozy which I heard for the first time on your show.

Some other cool facts about this EP release:

Traxsource has included both tracks in various charts – Essential NuDisco, Essential Disco House, Weekend Weapons and Hype Charts. “Fatal Desire” was also on the Traxsource Instagram story as “Now Trending”. Both tracks are currently in the top 100 for NuDisco on Traxsource with “Fatal Desire” peaking at 21. “Saul Good” was premiered on Le Visiteur Online and “Fatal Desire” on Moskalus. Check out his music here.

I think for this track I was inspired by the “Patiently Waiting” compilation by Mostly Cozy which I heard for the first time on your show.

Yonatan Rukhman.

Engage and support.

I’ve been running Dirty Disco for 8 years as a non-profit music show. This could not be done without the support I received from listeners. Therefore your support is very important to keep Dirty Disco running, so please keep supporting which can be done in many different ways. In my opinion the best way to support Dirty Disco is also the cheapest way, which doesn’t cost a thing except a little bit of your time. Your engagement is very important and valuable for Dirty Disco. So feel free to post links to our website or podcast episodes and tell your friends through your social channels about the weekly electronic music chart show. Engage in video’s or any other creative way you can think of.

Dirty Disco 421 Track-listing.

The weekly electronic music chart show wouldn’t be complete without a tracklist. Therefore you can find the tracklist every week exactly in the same place which is here at the bottom of the music blog post that goes with the current episode. If you are looking for track-lists from older episodes you can go here. Once again your support means a lot to me and having you tuning in is a real pleasure so thank you very much for being here and enjoying the music.

Electronic Music Chart Show - Dirty Disco 421ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateFormat
Retromigration - Darr's LaneRetromigration & Cem MoDarr’s LaneDarr’s LaneDansu DiscsEP20-8-21DIG
Paloma Vs Virus 005ErobiqueStracciatellaPaloma Vs Virus 005PalomaLP18-8-21DIG
Giorgio Lopez - Prins Thomas RemixesGiorgio Lopez50cc Getaway (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)Prins Thomas RemixesInternasjonalEP20-8-21DIG
Paloma Vs Virus 005Hans NieswandtThe Ricecake TrackPaloma Vs Virus 005PalomaLP18-8-21DIG
Manuel Darquart - Keep It DxyManuel DarquartKeep It Dxy (Don Carlos Remix)Keep It Dxy (Remixes)Wolf MusicEP23-8-21DIG & 12”
Batavia Records - Spring Tide Vol 2KravNo SleepSpring Tide Vol 2Batavia RecordsLP3-9-21DIG
Max Telear - RosesMax TelearIn The MorningRosesBeing All HereEP20-8-21DIG
Ankle Release - DodgemsAnkle ReleaseDodgemsDodgemsFlankup RecordingsEP27-8-21DIG & 12”
Ankle Release - DodgemsAnkle ReleaseChairoplaneDodgemsFlankup RecordingsEP27-8-21DIG & 12”
Yonatan Rukhman - Saul GoodYonatan RukhmanFatal DesireSaul GoodNDYD RecordsEP20-8-21DIG
Yonatan Rukhman - Saul GoodYonatan RukhmanSaul GoodSaul GoodNDYD RecordsEP20-8-21DIG
Ankle Release - DodgemsAnkle ReleaseMatterhornDodgemsFlankup RecordingsEP27-8-21DIG & 12”
Giorgio Lopez - Prins Thomas RemixesGiorgio LopezPlastic Riviera (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)Prins Thomas RemixesInternasjonalEP20-8-21DIG
Evenn - RC Groove EPEvennAnthem #1RC GrooveEsuohEP20-8-21DIG
John Tejada - 12 Bit Rhythm TraxJohn Tejada & Arian Leviste12 Bit Rhythm Trax, Pt. 312 Bit Rhythm TraxPalette RecordingsEP6-8-21DIG
James Silk - Light On MeJames SilkHurt So BadLight On MeTree Sixty OneEP19-8-21DIG
Kerri Chandler - PrayerKerri ChandlerPrayer (Feel Mix) (Ft Rev F.L. Brown)PrayerKaoz TheoryLP20-8-21DIG
Demuja - Period of TimeDemujaStep To ThisPeriod Of TimeMujaLP20-8-21DIG & 12”
Disclosure - Never EnoughDisclosureSeductionNever EnoughDisclosureEP20-8-21DIG
James Silk - Light On MeJames SilkLight On MeLight On MeTree Sixty OneEP19-8-21DIG
Evenn - RC Groove EPEvennHit & RunRC GrooveEsuohEP20-8-21DIG
Disclosure - Never EnoughDisclosureAnother LevelNever EnoughDisclosureEP20-8-21DIG
K-Lone - Tasty 001K-LoneOver HereTasty 001Sweet N TastyEP20-8-21DIG & 12”

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