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Podcast 426 | Mixed Playlist Music – Rheinzand – Coeo – Myd – Mark Hawkins – Mark E – Luvless & many more.

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Mixed Playlist Music.

Here’s a new mixed playlist full of new music from both emerging as established artists in the electronic music scene. This time I curated 19 new tracks ranging within the sub-genres: Nu Disco, Dream House, Deep House, House Music, Disco House, Funk, Latin House a bit more to the progressive side in the end and everything between these vibes. All these tracks finally mixed together results in that real Dirty Disco sound.

For your convenience I not only listed the full detailed tracklist in the blog. But you can also follow the official Dirty Disco Spotify playlist here, so you can easily find your favorites, add them to your own playlist music and like them to optimize the Spotify algorithm for even better listening pleasure. This playlist gets updated / refreshed every week with new music from the current podcast episode.


Even though I really like all the tracks in this selection. Some of them just give that extra spark, which also is a matter of the right time, place and vibe you already have. But that extra layer of energy or happiness made them stand out for me just a bit more when recording. Therefore I like to highlight these tracks and I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts about them as well. Make sure to check out Fatima Yamaha – Build It Up, which gave me an extra bump of energy. Fatima Yamaha is actually Bas Bron from The Netherlands and perhaps more familiar as “Bastian” under the older generation with his 2001 hit track “You’ve Got My Love”.

Luvless released his first EP on his own imprint Velours Records. The title track of his Elevate EP is giving you that longing for better times and a sweet taste of sadness. Then there is Belgian DJ and producer UC Beatz who delivers his Midnight Swing EP on the Razor ‘N Tape Record label. Especially his Broken Idyll track stood out for me as he made use of a famous sample in a very creative way.

Like I said every track in this week’s mixed music playlist is worth checking out. I could continue writing about releases but that would take away the point of listening to the podcast where I do explain a lot more in. So please let me invite you to this week’s music show with new reviews, music talks and more. Feel free to leave some feedback while you’re listening and follow me on my social channel which you can find by using the top menu bar on the right. By the way I’ve got something special next week for you. Remember the take-over by Jeroen De Wolf? Well next week we’ve got something similar. Stay tuned to find out who. Thanks for reading and listening!

Dirty Disco 426 tracklist.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateFormat
Rheinzand Remixes (Deluxe)RheinzandSlipery People (Chris Coco Extended Disco Version)RemixesMusic For DreamsLP15-6-21DIG
Mark Hawkins - The New NormalMark HawkinsThe New NormalThe New NormalHoundstoothLP24-9-21DIG & 12”
Rheinzand Remixes (Deluxe)RheinzandBreak Of Dawn (Das Komplex Remix)RemixesMusic For DreamsLP15-6-21DIG
Mark Hawkins - The New NormalMark HawkinsNever Stopped Loving UThe New NormalHoundstoothLP24-9-21DIG & 12”
Mark E - In The City EPMark EIn The CityIn The City18437EP27-9-21DIG & 12”
Rheinzand Remixes (Deluxe)RheinzandObey (SIRS Remix)RemixesMusic For DreamsLP15-6-21DIG
Fatima Yamaha - Build Back BangersFatima YamahaBuild It UpBuild Back BangersMagnetron MusicEP24-9-21DIG
Coeo - Music for FriendsCoeoMidnight VisionsMusic For FriendsToy TonicsEP24-9-21DIG & 12”
Rheinzand Remixes (Deluxe)RheinzandQueen Of Dawn (Pete Herbert Remix)RemixesMusic For DreamsLP15-6-21DIG
Luvless - Elevate EPLuvlessElevateElevateVelours RecordsEP2-7-21DIG & 12”
Luvless - Elevate EPLuvlessBox Of EmotionsElevateVelours RecordsEP2-7-21DIG & 12”
Mark Hawkins - The New NormalMark HawkinsI AMThe New NormalHoundstoothLP24-9-21DIG & 12”
Myd - Whether the Weather (Remixes)MydBorn A LoserWhether The Weather (Remixes)ED BangerEP27-9-21DIG & 12”
UC Beatz - Midnight SwingUC BeatzBroken IdyllMidnight SwingRazor N TapeEP31-10-19DIG & 12”
Vagabundo Club Social - Aguardiente y MezcalVagabundo Club SocialKi-kongoAguardiente y MezcalSaint WaxEP12-8-21DIG & 12”
Demi Riquisimo - Divine RealityDemi RiquisimoLocal ChainDivine RealityLost PalmsEP24-9-21DIG & 12”
Sofia Kourtesis - Juntos (Laurence Guy Remix)Sofia KourtesisJuntosJuntosNinja TuneEP19-3-21DIG & 12”
musclecars - Shelter (Building It, Still)musclecars & Brandon Markell HolmesShelter (Ron Trent Remix)Shelter (Building It, Still)Coloring Lessons RecordsEP17-9-21DIG & 12”
Myd - Whether the Weather (Remixes)MydBorn A Loser (Mad Rey Remix)Whether The Weather (Remixes)ED BangerEP27-9-21DIG & 12”

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  1. Ronald Walgreen/Kosmo3000 on October 8, 2021

    Hey Koon, Dank je voor de shout out in je show nr. 426. M’n collega’s vielen bijna van hun stoel!:-) Ik werk nu weer in een andere winkel van MacBike aan het Waterlooplein. Mijn nieuwe collega’s luisteren normaal gesproken naar keiharde Dub Step en de hardere jungle nummers. Maar nu anderhalf jaar later beginnen ze jouw show steeds meer te waarderen.
    Ik heb een vraag over mijn lidmaatschap. Waar en hoe kan ik als member inloggen en toegang krijgen tot de Dropbox. Ik zag de Dropbox even na mijn aanmelding maar weet nu niet hoe en waar ik als lid in kan liggen.
    Het shirt is supercool. Mooi logo, precies de goede kleur, lekker stofje en goede pasvorm maarrrrr………ik heb een te kleine maat bestellen. Kan ik het shirt ruilen voor een grotere maat. En zo ja, wat is het adres waar ik het naartoe moet sturen. Ik zag op de bon dattie vanuit Letland is verstuurd?

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