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Podcast 433 | New Playlist Mix: Sweatson Klank – Bonobo – Logic1000 – Moloko – Tiptoes & more.

Kono Vidovic November 22, 2021 277 4 5

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New Playlist Mix in Dirty Disco 433.

Once again it is of my biggest pleasure to present you a fresh new playlist mix selection with a bunch of new music gems I think you should check out. There are a total of 25 new tunes in this new playlist mix, with 15 available for 12 inch lovers on that very special vinyl format. I’m presenting you 3 forthcoming promo releases and 2 albums.

This week’s highlights.

Even though all of the selected tracks are all highlights, as I curated them from a 120 tracks pre-selection. Here are a few in this new playlist mix that give insights on what to expect this week in Dirty Disco.

Let’s start with the two artist albums. Recently Flight Facilities dropped their highly anticipated new album ‘Forever’. On the album you’ll find a mixture of collaborations with artists like: Broods, DRAMA, Emma Louise, Jordy Felix, Brux and the selected track ‘Lights Up’ with Channel Tres. The album was more than five years in the making, Flight Facilities’ musical journey has always been an intentional exploration of multiple genres which you can discover on their new album.

Second there is the forthcoming new Fragments album by electronic music legend Bonobo. Which drops on the 14th of January 2022 on Ninja Tune. With the album announcement Bonobo also revealed his 2022 world tour and dropped a few singles prior to the full release like the most recently played Rosewood and in this weeks curated ‘Otomo’ where he collaborated with O’Flynn on.

Further I have a few dope new EP’s that I curated for this week’s playlist mix. And by the way if you are looking for an unmixed version of this week’s podcast, you can always refer to my Spotify playlist here. Or when you are looking for the mixed but without presenting version, check out my Mixcloud Select membership here and get direct access to the so-called DJ only mixes.

If you like slow deep jazz beats, you are in for a treat with the new EP ‘The Off Switch’ by Sweatson Klank. “The Off Switch” EP is inspired by places & spaces where nature and architecture work together synonymously in harmony and the effect that it has on the human psyche.

The Dutch influences this week are coming from the Boogie Angst label (run by Kraak & Smaak) who signed French producer Georges who brings his organic, smooth swing science to Boogie Angst with the luscious funk and disco sounds of his “Sights” EP – after his remix for Kraak & Smaak’s ‘Naked’ earlier this year.

On the Amsterdam based and run by Dam Swindle label Heist Recordings. We’re welcoming some new faces to the Heist roster with this release: JKriv & Peter Matson, who present their ‘Bigtime EP.’ We all know JKriv from his excellent Razor-N-Tape label and his work as a producer and remixer of all things soulful. This one is still a promo on the current time of writing this music blog, and will drop on the 26th of November on both digital and vinyl format.

While I could last this music blog forever, we are mostly here for the listening pleasure. So let’s just do exactly that and tune in to this week’s new playlist mix. Make sure to check out all the tunes and feel free to use the included tracklist here below as a musical reference guide, so you can easily find the tracks and artists that you like.

Thank you for tuning in and supporting Dirty Disco in the mission of spreading quality underground music and positivity over the world.

Dirty Disco 433 Tracklist.

Podcast 433 | New Playlist Mix: Sweatson Klank - Bonobo - Logic1000 - Moloko - Tiptoes & More.ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateFormat
Sweatson Klank - The Off Switch EPSweatson KlankDreaming AgainThe Off SwitchFriends Of FriendsEP12-11-21DIG
Sweatson Klank - The Off Switch EPSweatson KlankCloudlessThe Off SwitchFriends Of FriendsEP12-11-21DIG
Georges - SightsGeorgesKarmaSightsBoogie AngstEP12-11-21DIG
JKriv & Peter Matson - HEIST057JKriv & Peter MatsonNew FriendBigtime EPHeist RecordingsEP26-11-21DIG & 12”
Flight Facilities - FOREVERFlight Facilities & Channel TresLights UpForeverGlassnote Entertainment Group LLCLP12-11-21DIG & 12”
Georges - SightsGeorgesBack To FMSightsBoogie AngstEP12-11-21DIG
Aleqs Notal - TanitAleqs NotalLighten You UpLighten You UpSistrum Recordings DetroitEP17-6-19DIG & 12”
Logic1000 - In The Sweetness of YouLogic100021In The Sweetness Of YouBecause MusicEP9-9-21DIG & 12”
Ignatius - TransitionIgnatiusSea Tower (Less J remix)TransitionRhythm Control BarcelonaEP12-11-21DIG
Last Nubian - Better JamsLast NubianWe The PeopleBetter JamsTiff JointsEP12-11-21DIG & 12”
Last Nubian - Better JamsLast NubianSold The World (Hugo LX After Thoughts Mix)Better JamsTiff JointsEP12-11-21DIG & 12”
JKriv & Peter Matson - HEIST057JKriv & Peter MatsonBigtimeBigtime EPHeist RecordingsEP26-11-21DIG & 12”
Georges - SightsGeorges & Stee DownesNow You’re GoneSightsBoogie AngstEP12-11-21DIG
SGT SLick & John CourseSgt Slick & John CourseLove VisionLove VisionVicious RecordingsEP17-12-21DIG
Luca Olivotto - It's MagicLuca OlivottoIt’s MagicIt’s MagicSengiley RecordsEP12-11-21DIG
Tiptoes - Good Vibes Incoming - EPTiptoesRight HereGood Vibes IncomingSlothboogie JamzEP10-11-21DIG & 12”
Matthew Herbert - A Pair Of RemixesMolokoSing It Back (Herberst Tasteful Dub)A Pair Of remixesAccidental RecordsEP12-11-21DIG & 12”
Matthew Herbert - A Pair Of RemixesLouie AustenHoping (Herbert’s High Dub)A Pair Of remixesAccidental RecordsEP12-11-21DIG & 12”
One Swallow Doesn't Make A Summer Part. 49th HouseAraOne Swallow Doesn’t Make A Summer Part 4Running BackEP12-11-21DIG & 12”
Bonobo & O'Flynn - OtomoBonobo & O’FlynnOtomoFragmentsNinja TuneLP14-1-22DIG & 12”
Logic1000 - In The Sweetness of YouLogic1000It’s All AroundIn The Sweetness Of YouBecause MusicEP9-9-21DIG & 12”
Marc Brauner - Gamba BlancaMarc BraunerGamba BlancaGamba BlancaMidnight SnacksEP12-11-21DIG
9th House - Tanit9th HouseXarracaTanitW&O Street TracksEP12-11-21DIG
One Swallow Doesn't Make A Summer Part. 4Delphi7-11 HouseOne Swallow Doesn’t Make A Summer Part 4Running BackEP12-11-21DIG & 12”
Last Nubian - Better JamsLast Nubian & DouganFix Your MindBetter JamsTiff JointsEP12-11-21DIG & 12”

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