Podcast Episode 462 features 27 new tracks with 14 exclusive plays in the Dirty Disco show.

Kono Vidovic June 13, 2022 268 27 5

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Podcast 462 of the Dirty Disco show.

One of the best things about Electronic Dance Music is that there’s always something new to listen to. New tracks are being released all the time, and there are always new DJs to discover. If you’re looking for a good place to start, be sure to check out the Dirty Disco show. In each episode, host Kono Vidovic reviews the latest music releases and mixes them into a two-hour DJ set. You’ll hear everything from well-known tracks to hidden gems, and you’re sure to find something you’ll love. So whether you’re a seasoned electronic music fan or just getting started, be sure to give Dirty Disco a listen.

Some highlights of this week’s episode.

This week on the Dirty Disco show, we’ve got 27 new tracks for you, including 14 exclusive plays. We’ve got new music from Miura, theBasement Discos, Toolate Groove, Tony Deledda, Di Saronno and many more. As always, this is the best place to hear the latest and greatest in dance music. Thanks for tuning in!

glue70 - ICE CREAM

glue70 – Ice Cream – Ad Hoc Records.

Inspired by French house influences, like Daft Punk and Alan Braxe’s work from the late ’90s to early 2000s. This is a throwback for those who love good music with catchy hooks that make you want more! My idea was simple: find my favorite samples from all over Europe (and beyond) put them together into one EP so people can shake their booty without worrying about copyright law or being sued because they’re just having fun getting down.

Toolate Groove - The Getaway

Toolate Groove – The Getaway – Cosmic Breeze Records.

The 5th release from Cosmic Breeze Records is a delicious soup of 90’s house and broken beats by Belgium producer Toolate Groove. With crunchy breaks that will make you want to move, the EP has grooving vocals and classic synth sounds in addition to piano solos on several tracks for an extra layer or two!

Yannick Roberts - I Can’t Hide From Myself EP. Forthcoming on Jimpsters Freerange Records.

Yannick Roberts – Can’t Hide From Myself – Freerange.

Dutch producer Yannick Roberts popped onto the Freerange radar following a rather tasty release on S3A’s excellent Sampling As An Art label. His own take on deep, disco influenced Detroit house sound spearheaded by fellow countrymen Dam Swindle and Fouk is warm but punchy with a big sound that feels like perfect fit for the Freerange imprint.

Tony Deledda - My Deep Body EP Listener Room Records

Tony Deledda – My Deep Body EP.

Tony Deledda is a new addition to the Listeners Room and he’s going straight into our hearts with his quality depe production style. He delivered two exquisite original productions in this EP, one being an up-tempo track that combines rhodes chords, horns & vocal chops guaranteed to fill any dance floor while also including some cool synth melodies throughout; however if you’re looking for something more laid back then look no further as ” Electric Deep Funk” might just be what your ears need! Read the full music review here.

Dirty Disco show full episode playlist.

The Dirty Disco Show podcast episode 462ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateFormat
Partyfine - Volume VIUbaruhUbaruh ThemePartyfine VIPartyfineLP8-7-22DIG & 12”
Partyfine - Volume VIDestiinoHeyPartyfine VIPartyfineLP8-7-22DIG & 12”
Yannick Roberts - I Can’t Hide From Myself EP. Forthcoming on Jimpsters Freerange Records.Yannick RobertsFemme FataleCan’t Hide From MyselfFreerangeEP22-7-22DIG
theBasement Discos - One HundredJazzman WaxTheBasement ThemeOne HundredtheBasement DiscosLP10-6-22DIG
Partyfine - Volume VIPatchworksGet MusicPartyfine VIPartyfineLP8-7-22DIG & 12”
Yannick Roberts - I Can’t Hide From Myself EP. Forthcoming on Jimpsters Freerange Records.Yannick RobertsDesalnietteminCan’t Hide From MyselfFreerangeEP22-7-22DIG
glue70 - ICE CREAMglue70Be FineIce CreamAd Hoc RecordsEP27-5-22DIG
Tony Deledda - My Deep Body EP Listener Room RecordsTony DeleddaElectric Deep FunkMy Deep Body EPListener Room RecordsEP23-6-22DIG
Tony Deledda - My Deep Body EP Listener Room RecordsTony DeleddaMy Deep BodyMy Deep Body EPListener Room RecordsEP23-6-22DIG
Toolate Groove - The GetawayToolate GrooveTransmigrationThe GetawayCosmic Breeze RecordsEP27-5-22DIG
nse - nightforce risingnseNeed Your LoveNightforce RisingMiuraEP22-6-22DIG
Integra Type - Miura RecordsF.I.D.OlasIntegra TypeMiuraLP27-5-22DIG
Montel - Harlem (Retromigration Remix)MontelHarlem (Retromigration Remix)Harlem (Retromigration Remix)Montel RecordsEP1-7-22DIG
Toolate Groove - The GetawayToolate Groove & JanellePassion RhythmsThe GetawayCosmic Breeze RecordsEP27-5-22DIG
theBasement Discos - One HundredHouzzie KillaTake MeOne HundredtheBasement DiscosLP10-6-22DIG
Ache Baez - House CitizenAche BaezHoney HoneyHouse CitizentheBasement DiscosEP3-6-22DIG
Toolate Groove - The GetawayToolate GrooveGetaways (Brussels Mix)The GetawayCosmic Breeze RecordsEP27-5-22DIG
theBasement Discos - One HundredDomscottHit That TwiceOne HundredtheBasement DiscosLP10-6-22DIG
theBasement Discos - One HundredInfrasoulStrings in ParadiseOne HundredtheBasement DiscosLP10-6-22DIG
Philco - Ladies & GentlemenPhilcoLadies & GentlemenLadies & GentlementheBasement DiscosEP24-6-22DIG
Philco - Ladies & GentlemenPhilcoThe Moody Piano TrackLadies & GentlementheBasement DiscosEP24-6-22DIG
Integra Type - Miura RecordsDi SaronnoAudreys BalletIntegra TypeMiuraLP27-5-22DIG
PuzzleProjectMusic - Hotmood - SaxyHotmoodSaxyYear 2PuzzleProjectsMusicLP24-6-22DIG
Toolate Groove - The GetawayToolate GrooveThe Way I Live (Deep In Dworp)The GetawayCosmic Breeze RecordsEP27-5-22DIG
Philco - Ladies & GentlemenPhilcoThe Rhodes TrackLadies & GentlementheBasement DiscosEP24-6-22DIG
Tommy Vicari Jnr - U ChoseTommy Vicari JnrBill EU ChoseMood Of The EraEP27-5-22DIG
Oden & Fatzo - Marvel House EpOden & Fatzo & ThurmanCall The Doctor (DJ Steaw Remix)Marvel House EPRutilanceEP27-6-22DIG & 12”

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