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Podcasts are growing every day more and more, and i will be the next big thing since a lot of countries are going to discontinue the FM radio frequencies in the very near future some countries already started with this. This gives the whole internet radio market / niche and the podcasting niche a whole bunch of new opportunity’s. The market will become free again and that means that the biggest players who are now dominating the radio frequencies world wide are not automatically on that best spot anymore.

The future of podcasting.

Now that we know that FM radio frequencies are going to get banned and more and more people are using the internet to access their favorite radio station, music or podcast, podcasts are growing each and every day, the same goes for platforms like Youtube, you have the control to listen to what and when and how you want and many others like Soundcloud where people upload their songs waiting to be hear, if you’re one of these persons, you could also buy soundcloud plays, so the song become more popular, and reach more people way more fast.

Because of this more and more people are podcasting and advertising in a podcast is becoming more and more interesting for all kinds of company’s since the people who are  making podcasts also have to make a living these two things come come in handy and would be well played out if companies and podcast makers could collaborate in this. Mostly podcast are being made with a lot of passion and dedication for a certain subject. This benefits that the users and listeners of a podcast are very specific and a real targeted audience this makes it easy for companies to find their target audience and advertise with them.

Podcast sponsorship with Dirty Disco Radio

If you are looking to advertise in podcasts or radio advertising you are on the right place, we can give you a advertisement space in our weekly 2 hour podcast.

The most common way and the industry standard for podcast sponsorships is a combination of a 15 second pre-roll and then a 60 second mid-roll advertisement.
In every podcast the host will start with an intro right after the intro jingle of the podcast where he talks about the sponsor’s product or service for 15 seconds.
Somewhere in the middle of the podcast the Mid-roll will take place where the hosts talks about the product or service for 60 seconds, this will happen in a natural way like a sort of personal story if this is possible. In the mid-roll there is a lot of possibility to bring the content.

Then there is another option for the sponsorship and that is an advertisement during the outro of the podcast, in this last minute of the podcast this will be the last and best possibility for a call to action with the listeners.

We use the “Industry standards” for our sponsorships

  • The 15-second Pre-Roll costs $18 per 1000 CPMs (listens).
  • The 60-second Mid-Roll costs $25 per 1000 CPMs (listens).

What is Dirty Disco Radio and how can we be of service for your company?

Dirty Disco Radio is a international  broadcasted weekly 2 hour  hosted music podcast, hosted and mixed by Kono Vidovic, Every week Kono Vidovic play a 2 hour mix of new music in the electronic dance music scene, he invites guest DJ’s, interviews, promo’s and a lot of free download are very common in every episode. Our target audience and listeners are people that love Electronic music, Deep house, Nu Disco, House Music, they like to go to events and love the whole electronic music lifestyle. Our listeners are from all kind of layers of the world population, youngsters, hipsters, people with higher education, DJ’s, producers but especially people who love electronic music.

Dirty Disco Radio is being broadcasted through 5 major radio stations worldwide and it’s available on the popular platforms like Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Itunes.

Our most listeners and best measured are within the Itunes store and it’s podcast directory, the advertisement would be based on the number of listeners there.

If you are interested in a sponsorship with us, please fill in the sponsorship form below you can write us your sponsorship proposal and we will get in touch with you withing 24 hours.

If you are looking on how to make a podcast read our article on the basics of how to make a podcast, in a nutshell Kono Vidovic explaines you what you need to start your own podcast.



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