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Poolside Ibiza 2019 – Curated & mixed by Opolopo, incl 3 new tracks.

Kono Vidovic July 3, 2019 203 3 5

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It’s been a while, but here i am back at you with another full album review. Most of you know that i review a lot of albums in my weekly podcast and then mention them in the accompanying blog like i did recently with the new albums by Earth Boys, Monkey Safari and Holy Ghost in this blog right here. When everything falls together perfectly, like the weather the positive vibes and the music that i stumbled on. I sometimes feel the urge to not only feature it in my show next week. But because of my enthusiasm i can’t wait to share it with you right away, and for that a blog feature looks like a good deal! This time i want you to take a listen to the new Poolside Ibiza 2019 album compilation which happens to be curated and mixed by Opolopo and is released on a real power house records label ‘Toolroom Records

Opolopo, who is he, and what is it that he does?

If you listen to Dirty Disco on a regular base. You know that i like to play tracks by Opolopo and music related to the genres hi creates. His music style, remixes and edits on several disco and soul classics perfectly fit the Dirty Disco podcast sound. I also like to play his music on my gigs so now and then depending on where i play. His remixes on Sandy Barber – I Think I’ll Do Some Steppin’ (On My Own) (Opolopo remix) and Gregory Porters 1960 What, are perfect examples of tracks that i play at my gigs in Rotterdam at my Gym and Gin residency. Opolopo is much more than a remixer, he produces his own tracks too, and for that matter on the new Poolside Ibiza 2019 compilation that he not only curated and mixed are also a bunch of his own productions including 3 new tracks.

Opolopo is one to watch and a must listen to.

Opolopo - Poolside Ibiza 2019

Opolopo is not your average DJ and producer he has been around for over two decades making and playing music. He worked with labels like Local Talk which is a often played label by me here in my shows. But also Z Records, Tokyo Dawn, Sony/BMG, Warner Brothers just to name a few of the big ones. He worked together with great other artists where he did remixes for like: Gregory Porter, Sandy Barber, Shaun Escoffery and Lisa Stansfield. I bet you can now fully understand that even when you haven’t heard from his name before, Opolopo is one to watch and a must listen to.

Poolside Ibiza 2019.

And now with his great musical knowledge in Funk, Soul, Jazz, Electro, Fusion and other electronic music genres. He curated and mixed the latest releases on the Toolroom Records label the annual Poolside Ibiza 2019 compilation.

If you know the Poolside series, you know it lives up to its name. So let us take a dive swim to the white isle Ibiza and see what Poolside Ibiza 2019 and Opolopo are bringing us this summer. If you are looking for music to enjoy your summer with. This mixed compilation by Opolopo is doing much more than that. It’s a perfect fit for your holiday, your beach and pool time. See yourself having fun on the beach, playing a game of volleyball or lying on your beach or pool bed with a nice cold drink. The atmosphere of Poolside Ibiza 2019 is exactly what you need. Slowly but steady the sun is going down but you’re still in full effect with the perfectly matching tracks from this winning compilation. Whether you’re listening to the dope Opolopo DJ mix or the 26 separate tracks. Poolside Ibiza 2019 is the perfect playlist for your Ibiza summer season.

Get the selection.

Can’t wait to treat yourself with this beautiful selection? I suggest to read the full album review to get a clear picture especially on how it grabbed me. But if you really want to buy and or listen to this album right now through one of your preferred music streaming services or online music shop. Just click this link. It will lead you to a page on the official Toolroom website, where you can choose your weapon (service) for music listening.

What tracks and artists can you expect?

Most of the artist that you will hear on the Poolside Ibiza compilation are also producers that i like to play among the weekly essentials in the Dirty Disco episodes. Next to a bunch of tracks produced by Opolopo there are also 3 brand new tracks among them for him. ’Aqua Lung’, ‘Sickla Side Push Shuffle’ and ‘Groovitational Waves’. are perfect matches for any summer groove playlist. But from these 3 new tracks by Opolopo on the Poolside Ibiza album my most love goes out to Opolopo – Sickla Side Push Shuffle which has al the ingredients that fit a perfect summer dance party somewhere next to a fresh pool or on a proper beach on Ibiza but this could might as well be Zrcé beach in Croatia. Check the 3 brand new tracks here below and tell me what you think and what your favorite is?

beautiful well crafted, well deserved to play music.

There is so much more to share with you. Every self respecting music producer pushes his own music where he can. Even more when it’s of great added value to the album and DJ mix. Since Opolopo is not only an electronic music producer but also a DJ he loves to curate music for others to listen to. And so he did with playlist for the Poolside Ibiza 2019 . Listening to this album he curated it’s pretty clear Opolopo and Dirty Disco (me) have a lot in common as we play and love the same kind of artist. Kevin Over with ‘Amoura’, Fouk with the track ‘New Canvas’, Kenny Summit, Cody Currie, Robert Owens, Atjazz, Cleanfield D’Arabia, OUER, Phil Gerus are all very common names here. These are all producers with their music making heart in the right place, and create beautiful well crafted, well deserved to play music.

My favorite tracks from the Poolside Ibiza 2019 album?

This is not a promo review. I’m not doing and writing this article because i got paid or any other benefits from it. I genuine really love this compilation and all the tracks on it. The reason why i do Dirty Disco every week for more than 6 years says enough. For that matter Poolside Ibiza 2019 could easily be a Dirty Disco compilation. I like the overall vibe and music style, the deep house elements combined with funk, disco fusion soul, jazz and other electronic elements make this a prefect to listen to DJ mix and playlist for my coming holiday. I rather leave you here with saying that you should listen to the full album before you judge on its quality and its happiness factors. 😉

But since you are forcing me to point out some of the tracks i really like, here are a few i would listen to and or play in my DJ set. Not only have i already played many of them in my past shows. Expect me to feature this album in my next shows as well going from episode 314 and on.

  • Opolopo – Sickla Side Push Shuffle (Enjoy the breeze and have a cold drink with me after we took a deep dive into the water)
  • Cody Currie – Oderberger (The overall groove makes me move and the soft smooth vocal gives me goosebumps. Happiness factor 10+)
  • Worthy, option4 & Leela D – Workin’ (Damn dope groove structure that definitely makes the dance-floor pumping)
  • Rhemi – Shake Your Body Down (Talking about a electronic Jazz fusion with a high happiness and groove factor)
  • Robert Owens & Atjazz – Love Someone (Two Deep house masters collaborating on one track. What is there more to wish for?)
  • OUER – U+0065 (Fusion, vibezz and a lot of energy in this beautiful atmospheric music piece)
  • Phil Gerus – Better Think Twice (Some real Nu Disco grooves couldn’t be left out on this masterpiece curated Poolside Ibiza album)
  • Mad Villains Ft Aisha Zoe – Senses (Another one for when the dance floor is packed and not ready to go home for a while)
  • Simbad Ft Brian Temba – Take My Hand (Lovely vocals with a soft beat are taking over the vibe, to take some energy off and you can enjoy your drinks and or loved ones 😉

Want to find out more about me as a curator and the Dirty Disco episodes and how you can become an exclusive member of my Mixcloud Select membership? Check out this blog about the membership and support me and the artists i play directly.


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