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10 Tracks That Shaped Private Joy’s Musical Journey: A Track Talk Exclusive.

Kono Vidovic June 3, 2024 33 1

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Private Joy is the singer and songwriter out of Manchester who is also part of rising neo-soul collective, Lovescene. Dug, This gifted soul singer who writes a lot about heartache and pain, has recently put her stamp on fellow Mancunian Hidden Sphere’s forthcoming EP ‘Hold On Me’. (featured here) Out on Fruit Merchant, the duo fire off bona fide floor filler that is all about being under someone’s spell despite the relationship starting to go sour. Yearning reflections and hard realisations all served over two different mixes. Here we ask  the talented vocalist and clever lyricist to talk us through ten tracks that have made a mark on the musical world of Private Joy.

Private Joy Track Talk

Stevie Wonder – Another Star

I’m starting here as this is probably the artist that made me want to write music. Stevie Wonder’s ability to write a song with the most heartbreaking lyrics but deliver them like a fiesta, is unparalleled and endlessly inspiring story-telling.

Sade – Is It A Crime 

The queen of poise and tone. I fell in love with everything about this song, band and perhaps types of love I hadn’t heard about or seen before in music when I was this young. In hindsight, perhaps I shouldn’t have – but what a song!

Prodigy – No Good (Start the Dance)

I think I was 10 when my neighbours played me this. The first electronic music I had ever heard after a long diet of guitar-based music and understandably blew my tiny MIND. 

I think the Prodigy can transport me to a time I never actually lived in, but also feels so current energy-wise. After that, I was obsessed and made several questionable ‘dance’ tracks on the first Playstation’s Music game.

Me’shell Ndegeocello – Call Me

A pioneer for so many and someone who is yet to get their flowers for sheer contribution in jazz/RnB particularly.  A super prolific and important voice in the industry, Me’shell gave me a lot of hope for even having a career let alone this type of creative freedom. Truly feels as if she has been many people in life but always brings effortless grooves.

Bill Summers and the Summers Heat – Don’t Fade Away

This is quite simply one of the greatest songs ever written harmonically and I won’t hear anything otherwise. Easily one of my favourite lead vocals from Bill Summers who is a heavenly, silky cross between Donny Hathway and Stevie Wonder in my scientific, unbiased opinion.

Lovescene – Show Me What I’m Missing ft Blind Mic

The first single from my band Lovescene’s album and a wonderful moment for us after trials, lockdowns, and tribulations! An incredible group of musicians I’m so fortunate to work with, and with more music coming this autumn!


A perfect slice of street soul and one of the first songs that pricked my ears up while living in Moss Side.  It represents the area for me so strongly and absolutely sums up the darker side of the dancefloor that I love (and definitely write for so often). Street-soul is full of such fascinating story-telling.

Lovescene – Silver (Lenzman Remix ft Fox)

A huge track for us and a beautiful moment for our band Lovescene. Silver is one of my personal favourite tracks of ours so when Lenzman chose it to remix it, I was overjoyed but couldn’t imagine how wicked it was going to be. 

Ruf Dug ft. Lovescene – Make This Right

My first collaboration with Ruffy and a true delight – we had so much fun with the track and video and to see it get such a gorgeous response was incredible – least of all praise from the late Virgil Abloh which remains unbelievable and poignant for myself as such a fan of his legacy.

Hidden Spheres ft Private Joy – Hold On Me (Club Mix)

Biased as I am, I absolutely love this track and was so pleased to work with Hidden Spheres after falling in love with his work a few years back. 

I love when people’s production feels timeless, and he definitely has that gift across the board.  I’m aware I could get a rep for being lyrically ’bittersweet’ but I’m a big believer in dancing the pain away sometimes.

Conclusion and thank you.

Thank you so much to Private Joy for sharing her musical inspirations and personal stories with us. Her passion and talent truly shine through in every track. Don’t miss her latest release with Hidden Spheres, ‘Hold On Me’, now available on Fruit Merchant. Be sure to check it out and support her incredible work!

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