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Q&A with Athlete Whippet and the Talk About This Love EP on House of Disco.

Kono Vidovic November 9, 2022 215 6 5

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Athlete Whippet is a great artist duo who just released their first EP “Talk About This Love” on the House of Disco label. I had the opportunity to talk with them about the making of the EP, their inspirations and admirations, future collaborations, upcoming releases and much more in this beautiful Q&A with Athlete Whippet. And they were kind enough to answer my questions in depth. So without further ado let’s get reading!

Athlete Whippet

The sound of Athlete Whippet is something quite unique. How would you describe the style of productions that you make / how would you define the sound?

Ooooff that’s a tricky question right off the bat! Thanks though, I’ll take it as a nice compliment 🙂 I’m not sure honestly, mainly because it just varies quite a lot between different tracks and releases. We’ve played in lots of different projects together before Athlete Whippet spanning from experimental electronics over synth pop, disco, lounge, and I think all of this is playing in here and there. 

The Toy Tonics EPs were definitely more on the disco / house tip but our new EP ‘Talk About This Love’ on House of Disco is actually much more wonky, introspective, and dark. Definitely a new direction for us. And the next ones coming up are a track that is almost Reggaeton-infused on Rhythm Section and a downtempo song on Tartelet, so I don’t really know how to summarize that – do you? ¯\_(ツ)_/‌ Sorry, that’s about the best answer I can give you!

Are there artists that inspire the music that you make? I am thinking Floating Points, Detroit greats ..am I close?

Love Floating Points and definitely love Theo Parrish, Moodymann, Omar-S and lots of other Detroit legends so yes you are close. I would say Max Graef has had a huge influence on us too and so did some other people who are very much in our direct scene such as COEO, Fouk, Cody Currie.

Athlete Whippet Q&A and Talk About This Love EP

Where are you both from and how did you get together?

Avi is from Tel Aviv and I’m from Berlin. We met at uni in London and played lots together straight away. We then lived together for quite some time with a living room studio. That was on a road called Vesta Road which our EP last year was named after.

There is a sophistication to your productions that suggests you are not new to this game. What led you both to Athlete Whippet?

Thank you very much <3 What a nice thing to hear! We have indeed been making music for a long time. We both have played in lots of bands since our early teenage years and throughout our 20s. By the time we started making music together we had already transitioned from indie and rock towards more electronic leaning music, but Athlete Whippet was the first time we made more club-oriented music. 

We still both dabble lots in other genres anyway. I often work on productions with other people and so does Avi. He also directs live shows for people like Loyle Carner, Obongjayar, Wesley Joseph and others.

You run a label called Squareglass that supports artists from Southeast London. Love to know some more about this interesting collective.

Yep, that’s right! Those were actually our first steps in the industry. We started it in our final year of uni together with our friend Guy who makes music under the name Semi Precious. In the beginning it was mostly about having a platform where we could release our debuts (this is pre–Athlete Whippet actually) but then it very quickly developed into something where we released music from friends and family within our immediate community and that is still what it is today.

I see that you’ve collaborated with Joe Danvers on Squareglass, and also Simbad. What made you decide to invest so much heart in this community project? What were you drivers?

I think it was mostly that since uni we have just been surrounded by amazing musicians and lots of them made music that we felt is really forward thinking and boundary pushing. With us all being fresh out of uni at the time it was very much early days in our careers, and it is not easy to get labels to invest in you at that point, especially not if the music is kind of left field and not particularly commercial at all. So luckily a few releases in, we felt like we were starting to establish something that could give that sort of platform to some amazing talents in our community.

Athlete Whippet - Talk About This Love EP.

Your new release on House of Disco paints a picture of your diverse approach to production. Can you tell us a little about the tracks on this EP?

Yes of course, Talk About This Love is definitely a new direction for us. It’s much darker than anything we’ve done before, and I guess it feels a lot more UK than anything we’ve done previously too which is ironic because I only just left the UK! 

Dreams of Being Alone is actually a re-imagination of one of the first tracks we’ve ever made as Athlete Whippet called Tired of Being Alone. It’s been nice to make something that isn’t really aimed for the dance floor and is more just like an honest, introspective moment without any function. 

But then luckily Demuja and Aroop bring it back to something that does work on the floor 🙂 Both remixes are absolutely wonderful in my opinion. Aroop has a really gentle and sensible touch, I love the musicality of his mix and Demuja is really spot on, focussed and delivers the energy. 

What else can we hope to see from you in the coming year?

Quite a bit of touring lined up for the rest of the year in Berlin, Rome, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Manchester, and other lovely places. Also, two more tracks dropping before the year ends on two of our favorite labels Rhythm Section and Tartelet. Next year we’ve got an EP dropping in collaboration with the wonderful Amy Dabbs. Super super happy with that one. Just in the mix down at the moment so hopefully it shouldn’t be too long. @(^_^)@

Some final words.

Make sure to check out their latest release here. The Athlete Whippet duo has been making music together for over a decade, and their new release on House of Disco showcases their diverse production approach. In this Q&A, they discuss the tracks on the EP, their collaborative process, and what’s coming up next.

One of the things we love most about Athlete Whippet is their willingness to experiment with sound. Their new release features two dark and introspective tracks, alongside remixes from Demuja and Aroop Roy. Dreams of Being Alone is a haunting reimagination of one of their earliest tracks, while Talk About This Love is a more uptempo number that still manages to maintain its UK sound.

Athlete Whippet is also set to tour throughout the remainder of the year, with stops in Berlin, Rome, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Manchester and more. They’ve also got an EP dropping in collaboration with Amy Dabbs early next year. We can’t wait to hear more! Thank you for this awesome interview!

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