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Review: Steve Mill Feat. Tee Amara – Whatever It Takes.

Kono Vidovic June 8, 2023 145 2 5

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As someone who lives and breathes the intoxicating rhythm of music, spinning records and crafting unforgettable nights, I am continuously on the hunt for tracks that stir the soul, ignite the dancefloor, and inspire emotions we didn’t even know we had. Steve Mill‘s latest release, “Whatever It Takes”, featuring the soulful tones of Tee Amara, is one such track, a dancefloor bomb that fuses a multitude of elements in an audacious, electrifying package.

Steve Mill - Poors ego

The Power of Percussion.

Right off the bat, “Whatever It Takes” harnesses a kinetic energy that is palpable. The driving bass drum grounds the track, providing a solid, rhythmic backbone around which the rest of the elements can dance and play. The addition of bongos adds an irresistible tribal undertone, urging listeners to surrender to their primal desire to move, to dance, to feel the music.

Dropping the Bass Synth.

As a DJ, I thrive on delivering sonic surprises, and the entrance of the bass synth on “Whatever It Takes” delivers just that – a wickedly catchy drop that elevates the energy of the track from simmering to explosive. The layering of synth and vocal samples is masterfully done, creating a soundscape that’s not just heard, but deeply felt. It’s a careful balance between unpredictability and familiarity, which is crucial in any dance track.

Emotional Resonance.

And then, at the 2:20 mark, comes Tee Amara’s vocals. Her soulful R&B stylings bring a welcome contrast to the driving house beat, providing a depth of emotion that tugs at the heartstrings even as your body is moving to the beat. Lyrics like “All I wanna do is love you / Even if that has to hurt. Whatever it takes to soothe you / I will be there for you” are a declaration of resilience, devotion, and love. They add a level of vulnerability that draws you deeper into the music.

Remix to Ignite.

The Manuel Sahagun remix, dropping on 30th June, is a sonic journey in its own right. Sahagun has brought his own distinct flavour to the track, transforming it into a vibrant, funky beast that’s primed for the dancefloor. The remix carries all the soul of the original but adds an extra twist of funk that makes it a surefire hit for summer dance parties.

Final Thoughts.

In “Whatever It Takes”, Steve Mill and Tee Amara have created a track that resonates deeply, a testament to their undeniable musical chemistry. As a DJ, it’s these kind of tracks – the ones that bridge the gap between the physical and emotional, the cerebral and primal – that keep me coming back to the decks, night after night. I look forward to seeing the ripples it will undoubtedly make on dancefloors worldwide. Steve Mill, Tee Amara, and Manuel Sahagun have indeed done whatever it takes to deliver a phenomenal dance track. Get it here!

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