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Rhythms of Rebellion: ASHRR’s Dirty Disco Playlist Unveiled.

Kono Vidovic September 18, 2023 110 3 5

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Los Angeles-based trio, ASHRR are about to give us a taste of their forthcoming album with Fizzy that features a collab with Hopetown Brown aka Scientist AND a hefty remix from Felix Dickinson! Ralph Lawson has recently signed them to his legendary UK label- 20:20 Vision, so we thought we get to know a little more about the LA trio by asking them to share with us some music that marks their musical journey.

ASHRR track talk with Dirty Disco

The Meters – Africa Rejuvenation 1974

This album is everything to me. Every song is amazing and the rhythmic interplay between Art, George, Leo, Zig and Cyril captured on those vinyl grooves stand the test of time. Africa has an unbreakable pulse and vibe that can’t really be put in words. You just gotta listen!  I treasure this vinyl copy I got back in the 90’s and everything about it from the cover to the songs is fonky.”

Ebo Taylor – Heaven Life Stories 1977

The highlife rhythms of 70’s African music and the soul of Ebo Taylor definitely make our favorites list.  A huge influence for us. The horn arrangements on Heaven and the boiling groove with that ostinato bass line is so magical.

The Police –  Can’t Stand Losing You – Regatta De Blanc 1979

The first time I heard Sting’s high voice and this brilliant rhythmic drumming with that insatiable chorus I was hooked!  The combination of reggae, punk and something unusual was so fresh sounding to me when I was discovering music at a young age. 

Plateaux of Mirrors: Harold Budd & Brian Eno Ambient 2 album 1980

There is liquid space in this melodic ambient track, just as another favorite from this album, Not Yet Remembered. To me they have always evoked the peace, mystery, and ethereal tranquility of the night. 

U2 – A Sort of Homecoming – Unforgettable Fire 1984

Sonically, U2 went out on this one reaching for wild experimental sounds, pulsating rhythms, incredible songs, and a fearlessness which made this one of the best albums they’ve ever made.

Slave To Love: Brian Ferry, Boys And Girls album 1985

There’s a feeling you get that’s hard to describe listening to Brian Ferry’s soaring, fluid vocals. Slave To Love, and his most recognizable track, More Than This, both have a vocal texture reminiscent of the great Roy Orbison. 

Nine Inch Nails –  Head Like A Hole – Pretty Hate Machine 1989

Pretty much the ultimate album that influenced the electronic harder edge sound in the late 80’s up until today. The songwriting is incredible and the production and everything about this first album from NIN is perfect.

Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place – Kid A 2001

A huge milestone of post modernism and electronic experimentation in pop music. It was amazing to hear something so human in the form of a hazy machine dream.

Sault – Up All Night – 5  2019 

By far, Up All Night is on our non-stop playlist and has been since it first came out a few years back. The organic instrumentation and Cleo Sol’s vocals are so hypnotic with this dark pulsating groove that makes you get up off your feet. It’s impossible not to want to move! 

Khruangbin – Evan Finds The Third Room – 2019 Con Todo El Mundo 

They are one of our favorite bands and highly influential in the making of our new album.  It’s hard to pick a favorite but this one definitely rises to the top.  YES!  


Fizzy – ASHRR Meet Scientist/ ASHRR Meet Felix Dickinson

Fizzy is the defining track for the new album. It’s an epic space disco odyssey of post-punk funk and soul grooves and sophisticated harmonies that evolve into a NYC Lower East Side street party.

End conclusion.

That’s a wrap on our musical odyssey with the phenomenal ASHRR. From the rhythmic heartbeat of Africa to the enthralling experimental tones of Radiohead, we’ve traversed through a soundscape that’s as vibrant and diverse as ASHRR’s own musical palette.

As we bid farewell, we invite you to keep this musical voyage alive. Subscribe and share this track talk with other music aficionados. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the 18th of September to immerse yourself in the magnetic rhythms of “Fizzy”. A huge thank you to ASHRR for sharing their inspirations with us, and to you, our avid listeners, for tuning in.

Until next time, keep the records spinning!

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