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Session Victim’s ‘The Intangibles EP’: A Masterful Blend of Jazz, Disco, and House.

Kono Vidovic March 28, 2023 168 4 5

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Session Victim Continues to Impress with their Unique Sound on The Intangibles EP.

Session Victim, the prolific German house music production duo, is back with their latest release, ‘The Intangibles EP.’ This highly anticipated EP, which was released on March 24th, 2023, on the respected Delusions of Grandeur label, showcases the duo’s unique sound that combines organic live elements, fat, floor-filling beats, and a deep, musical approach. With three original tracks spanning high energy jazz disco meets techno, soulful uplifting house, and downtempo blunted beats, ‘The Intangibles EP’ is a masterful blend of jazz, disco, and house.

Motivation: A Dancefloor Shaker with Urgent Looping Rhodes Stabs

The EP opens with “Motivation,” featuring spoken word from Ras Stimulant backed by urgent looping Rhodes stabs and an uptempo disco groove. This track is an instant Session Victim dance-floor shaker, cranking up the energy to the maximum without losing sight of the all-important groove. The spoken word element adds a layer of depth to the track, making it stand out from other typical disco tracks.

Dromedary Twist: A Jazzy, Funky, Deep House Track

Next up is “Dromedary Twist,” which keeps up the pace but goes deeper on the jazzy organ chords and lays down a heavy syncopated bass-line that ensures the funk factor remains present and correct. This track is a perfect blend of jazz, funk, and house, with a touch of techno. The use of live instruments, such as the jazzy organ chords, adds a human touch to the track, making it sound less electronic and more organic.

Green Run: Lazy, Hazy, Blissed-Out Jazzed-Up Beats Territory

Rounding out the EP in fine style is “Green Run,” which drops the BPMs as we head into lazy, hazy, blissed-out jazzed-up beats territory. Lush strings and layers of analogue synths come together on this simple yet enchanting little tune, which compliments the other tracks perfectly and will appeal to fans of Session Victim’s more home-listening output from their 2020 LP Needledrop. The use of strings and analogue synths adds a dreamy, otherworldly quality to the track, transporting the listener to a different place.

Session Victim - Press photo - by Sc(1)

Conclusion: Session Victim Continues to Impress with ‘The Intangibles EP’

Overall, ‘The Intangibles EP’ is a highly impressive release from Session Victim. With this EP, the duo continues to push the boundaries of house music and showcase their unique sound, which blends jazz, disco, and house seamlessly. Each track on the EP is a standout, with “Motivation” being the perfect dancefloor shaker, “Dromedary Twist” being the perfect blend of jazz, funk, and deep house, and “Green Run” being the perfect lazy, hazy, blissed-out track to end the EP on. Session Victim’s ‘The Intangibles EP’ is a must-listen for anyone who loves quality house music.

Session Victim - The Intangibles Vinyl

Some final words.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Session Victim’s ‘The Intangibles EP’ on Delusions of Grandeur. And, while you’re at it, check out their impressive back catalog of music, which includes three genre-defining triple LPs on Delusions of Grandeur, a highly acclaimed downbeat concept album for the beloved Late Night Tales/Night Time Stories record company, as well as more than twenty EPs on vinyl-only imprints.

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