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Shakedown At Night – Dirty Disco Radio 267

Kono Vidovic July 16, 2018 334

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Holiday season has started for us in The Netherlands, slowly but steady the country is getting in it’s holiday-mode. And so am i. In a few weeks from now i will also enjoy my holiday and absolutely do nothing but good things. Until then you can tune in with me for a new episode every week. This week i named the show episode ‘Shakedown At Night’ Why i did that is going to be very clear to you in just a bit.

Shakedown At Night – Dirty Disco Radio 267.

Like i explained in the previous blog post in the show-notes for Dirty Disco Radio 266. Which is called ‘Now You Deep House Yourself’ I want to create a unique title for every single Dirty Disco podcast episode. The reason is to make it more unique en findable for certain keywords that are related to our weekly shows. Therefor i try to name it with something that relates to what we do and to the specific show.

In this case i titled the show Shakedown At Night which happens to be one of my most favorite House Music vocals of all times. And it also happens to be that there is a new remixes EP out on the Defected Records label. When you press play and start episode 267. You will notice the vocal as intro of the show. Somewhere in this episode, and i’m not going to tell you exactly where. Check the track-list if you really want to know. But somewhere i’m going to play the full new remixes EP on Shakedown – At Night.

Shakedown - At Night Remixes

Defected Records.

The Shakedown At Night Remixes EP contains three new remixes from Peggy Gou, Tiger & Woods, and the originators themselves created a new remix on their own track as well. The original was released in 2001 on on Naive Records. A year Later it came out on Defected Records with remixes, which i happen to have on Vinyl. I even have the Kid Creme Remix as well which came out later. The years after the release of the original Shakedown – At Night, many remixes came along and have been made by many different artists.

Peggy Gou took it to another level.

The things which these kind of vocals and classic tracks, is that they need to be honored. So when you remix a track like Shakedown At Night. You have to make damn sure that it’s going to be a very very dope remix. Otherwise you need to take the responsibility to not even release it if the magic is not happening. This time and once again with many thanks to Peggy Gou. A name which you might have heard many times before by now here in the show. Peggy Gou is currently doing a very great job as a female DJ and producer she is really something. Creating very dope tunes and already had some releases on big labels including Defected Records.

Peggy Gou remixed the track and turned it into a bit of a very dope acid house remix. Keeping the vocals and some other pars as they meant to be. And totally honored the track as it needed to be done. She did a very great job on this remix. And therefor our favorite one from the EP is Shakedown – At Night (Peggy Gou’s Acid Journey Remix).

But that’s not all. I don’t do it often, but i’m playing you all 3 new remixes from the EP in a row. Just because it deserves it and it happens to be one of my favorite House Classic Vocals of all time.

What else is there in this episode?

There are some tracks that you might have heard before in older episodes of Dirty Disco Radio. Toy Tonics Released their annual album compilation ‘Toy Tonics top Tracks Vol 6’ This album includes dope tracks that were released in this year by names like: Coeo, Black Loops, Rhode & Brown, Kapote, Jad & The and more. So i chose a few tracks from the album to play in this episode. Just check out the track-list to see which tracks i played and when.

Next to all that already great music. There is also a new release from Pional, And another new released and remixed classic by Karizma – Tech This Out Pt1. The original was released in 2012 om R2 Recordings. Now Atjazz Records released it again with two new remixes with it. One from Yoruba Soul and the one that you can hear me playing in this radio-show from Atjazz.

Karizma - Tech This Out Pt 1 - Atjazz Records Steve Murphy - Everything U Know Larry Houl - Berberian Nights Fold - Aegean Sea

Track-list episode 267.

Kapote – Temptation
Larry Houl – On The Floor
G. Markus – Partee
Coeo – Cabrio Mango
Kapote – Salvation (FYI Chris Remix)
Rhode & Brown – Mary’s Tool
G. Markus – Eternal
Mr Fries – Getright
Larry Houl – Mister Brown
Larry Houl – Berberian Nights
Fold – Aegean Sea
Karizma – Tech This Out Pt1 (Atjazz Remix)
Pional – One Night Stand
Black Loops & Felipe Gordon – Mia Negrita
Jad & The – Strings That Never Win
Shakedown – At Night (Peggy Gou’s Acid Journey Remix)
Shakedown – At Night (Shakedown’s Galactic Getaway)
Shakedown – At Night (Tiger & Woods remix)
Sweely – Dancing With You
Steve Murphy – Everything U Know
Heathered Pearls – Under The Bridge (Fort Romeau’s Americas Cities Mix)

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