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Si Kurrage Discusses 10 Influential Tracks – Campo Sancho Festival 2024.

Kono Vidovic April 28, 2024 134 4 5

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London DJ and selector Si Kurrage joins the illustrious line up at Campo Sancho in July. It’s the small festival with a big attitude which returns for its seventh edition. Headliners include Laurent Garnier, Norman Jay, Crazy P’s Danielle Moore, and a host of great talent. Ahead of his set at Campo Sancho we thought it would be fun to invite him to talk us through ten tracks that made him.  These tracks are Si Kurrage’s essential selections that have made a significant mark on his lifelong musical journey.

Bob Marley – Exodus.

Probably my first real conciseness of music that I could learn and the words to other than nursery rhymes or school songs. At the age of 5/6 My mum and I drove from a place called Ochil Tower near Dumfries Ochterada in the High Lands down to Sussex in a Robin Reliant 3 wheeler.  She had a portable cassette player and two cassettes, one was Legend and the other Exodus. We listed to them both on repeat the entire journey and to this day, I still know most of the words to sing along to. Later in life I can attribute my deep fondness of reggae to this single moment.     

Pink Floyd (Dark side of the moon) Money

I was around 12 in ’86 and travelled to Switzerland to stay with my god parents in a place called SaintPrix near lake Geneva, close to my birth town of Morges. They had loads of records but on the morning of my arrival they were listening to Pink Floyd and I was immediately fascinated with both the art work and the album. This track really started me looking and listening more closely to the music around me at the time.    

Paul Hard Castle – 19 Nineteen.

I was on a school trip aged 11 to the Isle of white, 30 kids on a coach for 7 hours… must have been the year 19 came out. It must have been played about 20 times on the journey.  I really liked the electro beats and stabs plus the bugle towards the end of the track. Whenever I hear this record immediately takes me back to that bus load of kids.          

Prince –  When Doves cry – Album Purple Rain

We had an end of year School disco I remember, loads of kids brought Michael Jackson, wham, Adam Ant, Boy George. I was the only person to bring in a prince record. Needless to say, I was a little more popular with the girls for this selection!! Ah the innocence of youth. Im still a massive prince fan.                                                                            

Hero Mr Kirks Nightmare

I’d not really had much experience of rave or dance music until I hit Richmond college at the age of 16 (1990). I fast became obsessed with the emerging sound that was evolving from house music, the more break beat pre hardcore era. One evening I was listening to a pirate radio station called Don FM when someone dropped Mr cook. They played it 3 times in a row.  I’d never heard anything like it and was immediately hungry for more. Took a while to hunt a copy down but now I have 2 or 3.                          

Hypnosis Psychotropic (Gavin Mills aka DJ Face)

Gavin used to date my best mates sister who was a couple of years older then us. He took us out to all sorts of raves and events that we were way too young for. This was a big hit for him back in those days and Gavin was my first real experience of actually knowing a real DJ and experiencing the whole world. I mostly blame Gavin for my long seated love of House, Boogie and Disco. It’s all his fault and this record is part of the reason I love raving!!                                                                                          

Zero B Lock Up

Having sneaked in to Rage at Heaven under age, regularly I remember one night dancing on podiums in a complete trance like state, I must have been 17 and used to rave in massive black Naff Naff puffer jacket with loads of pockets. This track came on that I’d never heard before with this amazing intro that then stopped and the bass drops. Many years later I made very good friends with Bill Borez aka Zero B aka, and then eventually found him a 7” inch copy he never knew existed. We are still friends to this day, and I played this track in Edinburgh for Yogi Houghtons MFSB night. It proper went off!           

Award Tour – Tribe Called Quest

Hip hop and house music where both massive influences on my early taste in record collecting, (along with reggae). I loved Tribe, De la Soul , Brand Nubian, Daisy Age and positive hip hop. These tracks were staples before going out raving or when you got back and we used to listen to these working out the samples and breaks. When Award Tour came out it featured on a mix tape a friend of Mine Seorais (Now producing under the alias of Border Crossing and Black out 77). This mix really captured the spirit of hip hop at that time and that track always has a special place in my heart. I never had a copy but years late a friend knowing I loved it surprised me with one.                                                                                         

Gang star – Mannifest

I pretty much own every Gangstar production, and work he did with Mc Solar and so many others. DJ Premier’s beats and his rhymes were something else, and I loved his obsession with Jazz and using live and fresh musicians as well as the traditional sample based hip hop. There are so many tracks to choose from but this one I still play out regularly and I fuckin’ love it. Golden Era hip hop if ever there was.                                                                                       

You Got the Love – Dj Eren’s Bootleg

Funny thing is I wasn’t old enough to know the original Frankie Knuckles track, but always remember hearing this out. To this very day it’s a weapon and symbolises all the great things about the British rave scene. I was gob smacked to find out many years later that I actually knew the bloke who made it and even happier to say that I’m part of the Sancho Family and have been for many moons. I can’t wait to hear someone play this at this years’ gathering and what a banger. Reminds me of so many positive and carefree times that I’ve got about 5 copies (though a few are utterly battered!!! Thanks Eren for such a wicked bootleg. We got the love. Big love out to DJ Eren right now.

Campo Sancho 2024 line up

Thank you and get your tickets!

Thank you for joining us on this melodious journey with Si Kurrage, as he shared the tracks that defined his sonic landscape. Don’t forget, you can experience more unforgettable sounds and vibrant vibes at Campo Sancho this July. Gather your friends, grab your tickets, and get ready to immerse yourself in the rhythms that unite us. See you at the festival!

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