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Unlocking Musical Realms: Slowaxx’s Journey Through ‘Shapes Interfusion’ Influences.

Kono Vidovic February 14, 2024 88 15 5

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Embark on a captivating musical odyssey with Slowaxx, the brainchild of the Tuscan virtuoso Riccardo Chiarucci. ‘Shapes Interfusion,’ Slowaxx’s debut album, is a masterful fusion of lo-fi, jazz, electronica, and hip-hop, showcasing a seamless blend of studio precision and live spontaneity. In this exclusive interview, Riccardo invites us into his world, sharing the ten tracks that have profoundly shaped his artistic journey. From the innovative jazz of Herbie Hancock to the raw energy of Nine Inch Nails, discover the diverse influences that have culminated in the creation of ‘Shapes Interfusion.

Riccardo Chiarucci. 'Shapes Interfusion,' Slowaxx's debut album

1. Herbie Hancock – Chameleon.

Herbie and his genius are obviously at the core of my listening when it comes to jazz mixed with synthesizer electronics.

2. Pearl Jam – Present Tense.

Pearl Jam was one of the first bands I passionately loved. No Code is one of the most beautiful albums in my opinion, and this track has a palpable tension to it.

3. Nine Inch Nails – We’re In This Together.

Trent Reznor is my mentor, I am madly in love with him and Nine Inch Nails, and this song is the epitome of the power of music.

4. TOOL – Lateralus.

Maynard, along with TOOL, is another one of my mentors, and Lateralus, like all of their music, literally takes me to another space-time dimension.

5. Jamiroquai – Runaway.

When talking about funk, how can we not mention Jamiroquai? Runaway has a groove that sweeps your brain away.

6. Matt Antonio – Closer.

The essence of 90s Deep House Garage lies in this record.

7. Extreme – Trasparenza.

Literally a 90s Deep journey driven by the percussive groove and the supporting pads.

8. Future Beat Alliance – Earth Message. 

The elegance with which Future Beat Alliance blends break groove and soundscapes in this album featuring Earth Message is impressive. It transports me to parallel worlds.

9. Yussef Kamaal – Remembrance.

How not to mention the magical duo that revisited jazz in a modern key. In my opinion, Black Focus is one of the most beautiful albums of all time, and this track has a harmonic tension and groove that are unparalleled.

10. Slowaxx – Femmes.

An anthem to women with an atmosphere that transports me to a jazz bar in some metropolis. I love this track.

End conclusion.

Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary journey through the musical landscapes that have inspired Riccardo Chiarucci, the visionary behind Slowaxx. ‘Shapes Interfusion’ is more than just an album; it’s a gateway to new sonic dimensions, blending the essence of jazz, electronica, and hip-hop into a unique auditory experience. Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking release from Broken District. Immerse yourself in the world of Slowaxx by grabbing your copy of ‘Shapes Interfusion’ on 12’’ vinyl or digital format. Visit this link today and be part of this unparalleled musical adventure. Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for more sonic explorations with Slowaxx.

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