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So you think you can DJ? – The Finals – Choose your favorite DJ.

Kono Vidovic February 14, 2015 23 7

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So You Think You Can DJ?

[This article is updated on 02-03-2015]

The voting is over and we can conclude that we have a winner!

The winner is Joe K, it’s clear that Joe K won the first ever episode of So You Think You Can DJ, and that Joe K will be doing the Dirty Disco Radio guest-mix very soon. Stay tuned and follow us on our Facebook page right here to stay updated on when you can expect Joe in the exclusive guest-mix.

Thanks to all participating Dj’s stay tuned and follow us to see when the next So You Think You Can DJ contest will be held.

Recently i wrote an article where we were looking for DJ’s for the exclusive Dirty Disco radio guestmix, checkout the So you think you can DJ? article here. The article went a little bit of viral over the social media channels. The response was massive! DJ’s from all over the world sended in their mixes. So suddenly i had a lot of more work to do, it was a real pleasure to listen to all of those mixes and see how people let their emotions go in to the music and release them by those mixes, there were a lot of very good mixes in it but also a lot of bad ones.


Every mix that has been sended in i objectively listened to and judged them by the technical aspect of mixing skills, the transitions between tracks, the build up and break down. Also looked at the track selection separately from the mixing technique since track selection is just as important if not more important, especially when it’s for listening purposes and not club / dancing purposes like in this case. And the 3th subject i looked in at, is the web presence. The way artists / DJ’s present themselves and the mixes they upload on the web.

In my opinion when you are a DJ and you want to play for an audience no matter where you need to present yourself in a good way, no matter what your style is. Especially if you want to be taken serious you need to take time to make it all look good and clear for listeners / followers on the web. So a track-list is one of the things that’s the least you can do, especially when you think of all the music you play from other artists / producers they deserve that support by telling which tracks you used in your mix. Second a little bit of intro and info about your mix can come in handy as people can get to know your thoughts on the mix, why did you made it or what is it about? And do not forget your profile on for an example Mixcloud, Soundcloud etc. There are a lot of DJ’s who have a profile but have no proper picture / artwork on it, this goes for yourself on your profile but also for the mix, don’t just grab images from the web but try to stand out and make your own artwork, try to describe yourself as a DJ, what’s your style where do you play? what’s your ambition etc etc. All these things matter if you want to be taken seriously. and if you want to kick it even a bit further as a DJ it’s a must, even with everything perfectly in order and when you are a real pro you have to compete with a ton of other DJ’s that take it just as serious as you.

So all these subjects explained right here above were taken in my consideration and objectively looked into every mix sended in.

Doing this was an extreme pleasure and i heard a lot of good stuff that i already want to share with you guys. That’s why i wanted to put up the DJ’s here in this post who in my opinion made it trough to the the finals 😉 and i think are doing there DJ job very good.

So you think you can DJ is also the very first DJ competition we are doing here, it started more as a nice thing to do, every week we receive a lot of mixes and emails from DJ’s around the world so i figured we can do a sort of DJ contest / DJ wanted thing. Since it’s the first one we will see how this goes, if it goes well and you guys would love to see some more DJ contests / competitions here on our platform we will definitely do so. We can also find some extra support from sponsors to even give away something more down the road. Let’s first see how things will roll.

So you think you can DJ – The finals.

All the DJ’s listed here are the best of all the submissions i made a selection and i want to know which DJ and mix prefers your like and is your favorite, please have some listening pleasure and vote for your favorite one. You can vote trough the voting poll form down here and on our. After you voted you can share this page on your social media channels to give the DJ’s  extra support and attention they deserve.

The DJ with the most votes wins a guest mix sloth on Dirty Disco Radio and we will do an interview with him here on the website in our “Up close and intimate” series.  which will provide extra support and promotion for the winning DJ.

Listen to the mixes here and use the poll to vote on your favorite DJ.


  • You can vote by choosing your favorite DJ down here in the poll.
  • You can vote everyday again.
  • You can vote until 28th of February the winner will be announced on the 2nd of March in the live broadcast of Dirty Disco Radio on www.deep.fm and in the podcast uploaded after.
  • To give the DJ’s maximum exposure and support you can share this post on your social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Ello if you have that 😉
  • Good luck to everybody! May the best DJ win.

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