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Sonic Juncture – Can’t I Just Be?: A Deep House Journey Through Sound.

Kono Vidovic June 19, 2024 67 4 5

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As an avid fan of electronic music, I eagerly anticipated Sonic Juncture’s latest release on Dealt With Records, “Can’t I Just Be?” This EP represents a significant evolution for the duo, blending deep house with experimental sounds that promise to captivate both longtime fans and newcomers. Let’s dive into the sonic tapestry they’ve woven and see how it resonates.

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About the Artist: Sonic Juncture

Sonic Juncture, composed of George and Josh, is a vibrant DJ/Producer duo based in Brighton. Meeting at Falmouth University, they have spent over five years blending genres like acid, breakbeat, garage, and euphoric house to create their distinctive sound. Influenced by artists such as Bonobo, Bicep, and Four Tet, their music offers a rich, eclectic experience.

In 2024, they are set to launch their own label, Ecliptic Sound, featuring self-releases and collaborations. Experience their dynamic sets at festivals like Dimensions and Houghton. Stay connected via their Linktree.

Sonic Juncture – Can’t I Just Be EP Review

‘Can’t I Just Be?’

Sonic Juncture’s title track, “Can’t I Just Be?”, takes listeners on an introspective journey. The track’s intricate melodies and chilled-out house vibes make it perfect for any setting, whether you’re relaxing with headphones, dancing on an Ibizan terrace, or enjoying a sunny day in a Brighton beer garden. George and Josh have masterfully crafted a piece that feels both spiritual and tribal, showcasing their ability to tune out life’s distractions and restore equilibrium through music.

Beginning with a mesmerizing combination of chords and dubbed-out saxophone, the track immediately sets a serene yet complex tone. It’s easy to imagine this track featuring on a Nightmares On Wax or Zero 7 compilation, thanks to its sophisticated production and emotional depth. The layers of Latin percussion, echoed piano, and reverberated pads blend seamlessly, creating a top-tier chilled house music experience.

‘Magician’s Secret’

“Magician’s Secret” is a cosmic journey through proggy acid-house. Built on a dusty groove with a 303 bassline, this track instantly sparks a desire to dance. The ghostly, chemically-altered vocals add a hypnotic layer, making it a standout on the EP. The combination of bongo, cowbell, and trippy synths results in an atmospheric roller that’s perfect for peak-time play at any underground club or festival.

This track is a testament to the duo’s ability to experiment and innovate within the genre, making it a guaranteed dancefloor filler. If you find your dancefloor isn’t packed with this track, you might as well ask for your money back!

‘Can’t I Just Be? (Alton Miller Remix)’

Alton Miller’s remix of “Can’t I Just Be?” is a masterclass in organic electronic energy. Intricate details like clicks, clacks, and skipping hi-hats create a rich percussive landscape, while elongated horn notes and piano keys engage in a dreamlike conversation. Miller’s remix elevates the original, adding depth and a thunderstorm-like energy that is both captivating and refreshing.

‘Can’t I Just Be? (Acid Groove Mix)’

The Acid Groove Mix adds a shot of audible urgency to the serene original. The energetic acid line and complex percussion configuration elevate the track, making it perfect for those who need an extra boost in their day. It’s a shiny, happy place where chilled electronica meets a vibrant, upbeat rhythm.

End conclusion

Sonic Juncture’s “Can’t I Just Be?” EP is a remarkable journey through deep house and beyond. Each track offers a unique listening experience, showcasing the duo’s growth and innovation. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to their sound, this EP is not to be missed. Dive into the full EP on June 19th and let Sonic Juncture take you on an unforgettable musical journey.

Pre-order now: Buy/Pre-order on Traxsource

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