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The Summer Of Love – Dirty Disco 321

Kono Vidovic September 16, 2019 416

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Summer is almost over but not quite yet. Was this your Summer of love? Did you find you life partner of did you just shared a lot of love with a lot of people in all the good ways? When it comes to Dirty Disco it’s all about love and sharing positive energy with people. Clearly i named this podcast episode after the new music release by Raito – Summer of Love on Boysnoize Records. But it’s also a statement on how there should always be love around us by giving love to others.

Summer of Love.

To receive love you first need to give love. That must be what Raito thought when produced his latest release on Boysnoize Records titles ‘Summer of Love’ A real house music banger of the highest shelf that brings energy, love and a packed dance floor when you play this one in your DJ sets. Summer is almost ending and i’m already looking forward on what Autumn is going to bring us. But since we are not there yet let’s take a closer look into what this Dirty Disco 321 podcast episode is all about.

Dirty Disco 321.

This week i managed to find many beautiful new music releases that i converted into a new 2 hour DJ mix which includes new music from the latest Moon Boots album ‘Bimini Road’ released on Anjuna Deep. O’Flynn from London has also been very busy the last months to produce his new album Aletheia on Silver Bear Recordings. S3A is back with a couple of remixes on tracks from his Pages album released earlier this year. Pages Remixed is full of dope remixes from: Lorenz Rhode, Nachtbraker,  Felix Leifur, Dampe and more. This one will be released on the German Dirt Crew Recordings label on the 23th of September.

Talking about a remix by Nachtbraker, the Dutch producer is about to release his WYFASITA Remix EP on his very own Quartet Series label, which includes music from himself and remixed by Nemo Vachez and Frits Wentink among a few others. 

Also one of my favorite funky disco house producers ‘Girls of the Internet’ is back with a new EP and track. And There It Ain’t is a real groover that shows a lot of very famous samples from older funk dance tracks. Can you spot them? The Bedtime version remix on this one is my favorite for this week’s podcast as it fitted better in the mix than the original version.

And then there is the Solace Remixed album by Rüfüs Du Sol where i’m playing a couple of tracks from. A great album with a lot of variety and played remixes from Cassian & Durante on Eyes. And the Justin Martin remix on ‘Lost In My mind’.

Custom DJ Mixes & Playlists.

As a real music lover and DJ i have been busy with all aspects of music for over 27 years. From making music, jingles, radio and podcasts to playing as a DJ on a lot of various events and hosting, organizing many events by myself as well. There is a lot of experience gained through the years, nowadays i not only work as a DJ, but also as a music consultant for different companies and businesses that need help with their music branding, music for businesses and other demands to reach more potential. One of the services i have been working on for several businesses around the world is customized DJ mixes and playlists.

These custom DJ mixes and customized playlists can be made for a wide range of activities and concepts. Whether you are a restaurant, cafe, shop, nightclub or event. I can help you set up custom playlists for your branding, to reach more of your target audience or to express the right vibe to your customers when they are in your business. From mixed playlists to full DJ mixes whatever you think you might need i can help you with this. If you want to know more about the customized playlist service feel free to contact me here.

Dirty Disco 321 Tracklist.

Below you can find the full tracklist of all tracks played in this week’s podcast episode. If you want to add them to your own Spotify playlist as separate tracks, you can make use of the Dirty Disco Spotify playlist here. Remember that this playlist gets refreshed weekly with new tracks from the current episode.

Moon Boots – Bimini Road
O’Flynn – Udu
Larry Heard – Riverside Drive
O’Flynn – Painted Wolf
S3A – Fever (Dampe French Retouch)
S3A – Clarence J. Boddicker (Lorenz Rhode Remix)
Törsh – One Of Those Days
Girls of the Internet – And There It Ain’t (Bedtime Version)
Bike Thieves – Catherina (Saine Remix)
Bike Thieves – The Greatest Curve
HK – Angry Bird
HK – Hiccup
Raito – Summer Of Love
Nachtbraker – LOL (Frits Wentink Remix)
O’Flynn – Aletheia
Al Wootton – Bad Sound
Project Pablo – Scroll Up
Rüfüs Du Sol – Lost In My Mind (Justin Martin Remix)
Moon Boots – Trance & Dental
O’Flynn – Neptune
Rüfüs Du Sol – Eyes (Cassian & Durante Remix)
Nachtbraker – Horspony (Nemo Vachez Dub Mix)
S3A – Friends (Nachtbraker Remix)
S3A – Fever (Felix Leifur Flexi Leifs remix)

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