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Whiskey Disco – Disco Mezze E.P.

Whiskey Disco – Disco Mezze E.P. This is the very first release in 2015 for the U.S. based Label Whiskey Disco, Whiskey Disco – Disco Mezze E.P. contains 4 funky tracks from producers like VinylAddicted, Jean Claude Gavi, Alkalino, PIXELATED and The Silver Rider. The E.P. starts with NYM (VinylAddicted & Jean Claude Gavri Edit) This is a funky rider, the […]


Brame & Hamo – Clockwerk (Including Session Victim remix on the new imprint Splendor & Squalor and podcast)

Brame & Hamo – Clockwerk Oh my goodness, i have something that i would describe as very tasteful delicious smooth soulful deep house. This new release from Brame & Hamo – Clockwerk  on the very new imprint Splendour & Squalor, Both Brame & Hamo and the imprint Splendour & Squalor are from Sligo in Ireland […]


YSE Saint Laur’Ant – Faux Métier EP

Dirty Disco. When you see or hear the term Dirty Disco Radio, or Dirty Disco, you probably first think it has something to do with disco, if you think that you are absolutely right! But Dirty Disco stands for more than just Disco, you see Disco started in the 60’s 70’s and was the foundation […]