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Dirty Disco 414 Electronic Music Playlist
Electronic Music Podcast
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Podcast 414 | Electronic Music Playlist: Stimming | Sune | Felipe Gordon | Adult Fiction | Adelphi Music Factory & more.

Kono Vidovic June 28, 2021

New electronic music playlist. I’m back with another new electronic music playlist, mixed playlist that is. As I enjoy inspiring you with new music on a weekly basis and giving you a fun listening experience at the same time, I’m here back with another selection of what I believe are […]

Summer Infected Chill & Deep House
Electronic Music Podcast
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Dirty Disco Radio Episodes

25 Summer infected Chill & Deep House Tracks for April 2020 | Dirty Disco 352 | Music Show | Mix Session

Kono Vidovic April 20, 2020

Introduction to this weeks music show | Dirty Disco 352. First i would like to welcome our new Mixcloud SELECT members: DL Resituated and Konrad Rakowski to the show. Thank you very much for signing up and giving your support to Dirty Disco. Last week i curated and played 21 […]

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