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Dirty Disco 338 - Electronic Music Podcast
Electronic Music Podcast
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Dirty Disco Radio Episodes

#338 Electronic Music Podcast | New Music from: Hotmood, Discojuice, Goddard, Heist Recordings and more…

Kono Vidovic January 13, 2020

The second installment of 2020 is a fact. The 338th episode of our weekly electronic music podcast is here, including a lot of new promo’s, new comers, albums and EP’s so let’s dive into them right away. But before i do, please let me remind you that you can always […]

Dirty Disco #326 Letherette | Caribou | Detroit Swindle | DJ Seinfeld
Electronic Music Podcast
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#326 | New Music from: Letherette | Caribou | Detroit Swindle | DJ Seinfeld & more…

Kono Vidovic October 21, 2019

Dirty Disco music podcast episode #326 is here which includes and features new music from: Letherette’s newest album Brown Lounge Vol 5. Caribou is back with a new track ‘Home’. Detroit Swindle on their own imprint Heist Recordings with an energetic new EP. DJ Seinfeld bringing in his Parallax and […]

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