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Hormone - Smoothsayer
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Take a Trip With Hormone: An In-Depth Look into Their Latest EP Release “Smoothsayer” on Dream Chimney.

Kono Vidovic March 6, 2023

Hormone is the experimental dance pop duo out of Austin, Texas, Jim Colby, and Rosie Clements. Summoning tracks built for both dancefloor and headphones, they draw inspiration from the modern internet kaleidoscope of influences of street soul, 80s pop vanguards. Laurie Anderson and Hiroshi Satoh, and the bottomless well of […]

New Music Podcast Dirty Disco 447
Electronic Music Podcast
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Dirty Disco Podcast

Podcast 447 | New music podcast with: Mr Oizo – Tour-Maubourg – Etur Usheo – Fouk – Mano Le Tough and more.

Kono Vidovic February 28, 2022

In this new music podcast 26 new releases are waiting for you to be discovered. A new 2 hour mix featuring the latest from the electronic music scene including new EP’s on the Shall Not Fade record label from Bristol by Dutch duo Fouk and Tour-Maubourg. The brand new ‘VOILA’ […]

Dirty Disco 411 Jeroen De Wolf
Electronic Music Podcast
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Dirty Disco Podcast

Podcast 411 | Dirty Disco Take-over By Jeroen De Wolf | Weekly Hosted & Mixed Playlist Selections.

Kono Vidovic June 7, 2021

Dirty Disco 411 Take-over by Jeroen De Wolf. It doesn’t happen often but occasionally we have a Dirty Disco take-over, and because of the inconsistency in it, it’s always very special to have my musical friends taking over a full episode of Dirty Disco. This time I’m presenting to you […]

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