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Dirty Disco Radio 165 by Kono Vidovic.

Dirty Disco Radio 165. Welcome to Dirty Disco Radio 165, in this episode i’m going to define summer with 7 tracks from the new Kaytranada album 99.9%, This man has been making dope music for a long time working with some of the greatest singers, rappers and songwriters, now finally he has his very own […]


Dirty Disco Radio 159, Hosted by Kono Vidovic.

Dirty Disco Radio 159. In Dirty Disco Radio 159, i have 32 tracks, 3 new albums and one easter egg. Bibio has recently released his 8th album “A Mineral Love” I’m going to play you 3 tracks from this very good album. Also The Revenge and Riva Starr recently released a fresh album which i’m […]