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Electronic Music Podcast #330 | Dirty Disco | Psychemagik, Floorplan,
Electronic Music Podcast
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#330 Electronic Music Podcast | New Psychemagik Album | Floorplan | Chaos In The CDB | Madison Avenue | & many more…

Kono Vidovic November 18, 2019

What’s good people?! This week’s music podcast is overloaded with great new music, so let’s jump into it. In this electronic music podcast selection are 22 tracks. 2 New albums, 2 promo releases and from the 22 tracks 21 are online available on vinyl.  #330 Electronic Music Podcast. The music […]

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FunkySexyCoolDeep 2017 – Volume 1

Ian Skeavington February 21, 2017

Welcome to the new episode of FunkySexyCoolDeep! We are back after what feels like ages! We had a great Christmas period and a very busy new year so we apologize for leaving you for so long! We are back with another big mix of new upfront music from the deep house and […]

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2016 – What A Year!

Ian Skeavington December 31, 2016

The Year Well, where do I even start with this year. It has been one of the most awful years I can think of for the people globally! I almost don’t want to go through it! Terrorism, explosions, the most bizarre year ever for politics, Trump, Brexit the change of […]

Dirty Disco Radio 169
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Dirty Disco Radio 169

Kono Vidovic June 6, 2016

Dirty Disco Radio 169 After the Adrian Hardy Takeover form last week I’m back with just me two hours in the mix with a lot of beautiful tracks and new releases, in Dirty Disco Radio 169 you can listen to the newest release from Man Without A Clue & Alias […]

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