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Pig&Dan - Make You Go Higher (David Morales Stereo Mix)
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David Morales releases the remix of Pig&Dan’s original track “Make You Go Higher” on Bedrock Records.

Kono Vidovic August 30, 2022

Legendary electronic music producer David Morales remixes the last track from Pig&Dan’s massive Destination Unknown II album, Pig&Dan – Make You Go Higher which was released this early 2022 via Bedrock Records to widespread critical acclaim. Pig&Dan – Make You Go Higher.  “Make You Go Higher” by David Morales came […]

Chet Faker - It Could Be Nice.
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New song by Chet Faker – It Could Be Nice.

Kono Vidovic August 29, 2022

In recent years, we’ve seen how mercurial Australian musician Nicholas James Murphy can be. Using the pseudonym Chet Faker, as well as his own name Nick Murphy, he ping-pongs between two very different musical styles. It’s always a waiting game to see which project he’ll release next. However, each form […]

Sounds Of Fracture - IRL
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Sounds of Fracture Drops Captivating EP “IRL”.

Kono Vidovic August 18, 2022

Electronic producer Sounds Of Fracture has just released his new EP “IRL.” The five-track collection is a beautifully crafted mix of atmospheric sounds and mellow electronica. This EP is particularly special because it demonstrates how Sounds of Fracture is pushing boundaries and expanding the definition of electronica music. If you’re […]

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