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Dirty Disco 538 cover art for electronic music podcast / radio show episode
Electronic Music Podcast
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Dirty Disco Podcast

Dirty Disco 538: Ski Trip Inspirations & Deep House Discoveries.

Kono Vidovic February 16, 2024

Welcome to Dirty Disco 538. Join us in the latest episode of Dirty Disco, where your host, Kono Vidovic, returns rejuvenated from a ski trip to Austria, bringing fresh inspirations to our musical journey. Episode 538 is a special blend of deep house delights and electronic explorations, reflecting the serene […]

Dirty Disco 534: Electronic Music, Deep House and Nu Disco radio show
Electronic Music Podcast
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Dirty Disco 534: Electrifying Beats Meet Soulful Melodies – The Ultimate House & Nu Disco Experience.

Kono Vidovic January 14, 2024

Welcome to Dirty Disco 534 Welcome to another episode of Dirty Disco, a vibrant showcase of the best in electronic music. I’m your host, Kono Vidovic, ready to guide you through a selection of house, nu disco, and eclectic electronic beats in episode 534. We’re here to celebrate the innovation […]

Dirty Disco 515 podcast artwork
Electronic Music Podcast
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Dirty Disco 515: Dive Deep with Kono Vidovic into the Latest Sonic Waves.

Kono Vidovic August 27, 2023

Welcome, audiophiles, to Dirty Disco 515, where every beat captures a moment, and every melody paints a picture! Your musical guide, Kono Vidovic, is back with a compilation that promises to lift your spirits and move your soul. Whether you’re a die-hard Dirty Disco aficionado or it’s your maiden voyage, […]

Dirty Disco 480
Electronic Music Podcast
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Fresh news

Dirty Disco podcast 480.

Kono Vidovic November 21, 2022

Dirty Disco is a weekly podcast that features the latest and greatest in electronic dance music. In each episode, host and DJ Kono Vidovic showcases the latest tracks from up-and-coming producers, as well as provide insightful interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry. Whether you’re a seasoned […]

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