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Take a Trip With Hormone: An In-Depth Look into Their Latest EP Release “Smoothsayer” on Dream Chimney.

Kono Vidovic March 6, 2023 137 8 5

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Hormone is the experimental dance pop duo out of Austin, Texas, Jim Colby, and Rosie Clements. Summoning tracks built for both dancefloor and headphones, they draw inspiration from the modern internet kaleidoscope of influences of street soul, 80s pop vanguards. Laurie Anderson and Hiroshi Satoh, and the bottomless well of modern ambient music. Formed amidst the southwestern moonscape of Tucson, AZ, the duo met in the city’s tight-knit and prolific music scene. Bonding over a desire to make music that was sparser and groovier than projects they had been involved with before. They released their eponymous debut in 2017, chiselling out tracks from the bedrock of their friendship.

Hormone - Press 2

Hormone – Smoothsayer (incl track by track talk).

Their latest EP, Smoothsayer, sees them further refining that process and upping the ante. Packed with anthemic synths, soul-soaked beats, and dreamy vocals, it’s a fully realized vision of what Colby and Clements have been striving for all along: music to lose yourself in. We were very lucky to catch up with Hormone recently and they gave us the pleasure with a amazing Q&A / track talk on their latest EP.

Introduce yourselves.

We are Hormone, a freaky deaky dance pop duo that started in Tucson, AZ, and now resides in Austin, TX. We started out writing pretty straight ahead 4/4 big bass boogie disco jammers but now we’ve mutated into “ambient freak funk” and there’s no way back.

Tell us a little about the label.

Dream Chimney, as far as one can tell, is a combination music blog/mix series/coffee reviewer/forum/record art archive/lifestyle that has finally transitioned into releasing their own Balearic bombshells and we couldn’t be happier to be on the squad. Music that we’ve discovered via DC mixes played a big part in the way this record sounds.


Huge drums, massive synth swells, arpeggios built like a cathedral ceiling, and maybe the best bassline we’ve ever written. We are coming for you on this one, recommended for midnight drives through your neighborhood wasteland.

Glass Frog.

Trying to create a song that is the sonic equivalent of opening up a box of glowing jewels you found mysteriously hidden in your childhood treehouse. This song also heavily features the music production cheat code of field recordings of mundane life being more sonically interesting than any synth patch you could dream up.


The sparsest house song we could think up, inspired by rhythmically pressing the keyboard arrows through a randomly shuffled playlist of samples. One billion points if you understand the sci fi reference this song title is alluding to.

Lo-Sun Season.

One of the members of Hormone (not telling) had a hallucinogenic experience that involved a side quest in the “woven dimension”, and it sounded a little something like this..

Remixer Sorcerer bio studio

Smoothsayer (Sorcerer baggy remix):

Sorcerer worked his magic (get it?) big time on this breakgaze flip, perfect for the first rhythmic track after your ambient warm up set up as well as being the song you wanna hear at 6:15 AM when the first sun ray hits your cheek at the Croatian boat rave.

Wallfacer (Dream Chimney Dub):

The DC crew took the lithe skin and bones of the original track straight to the nearest LA Fitness, and the result is this glistening heavyweight Adonis of choogling bass and perfectly defined hi-hats.

A few final Dirty Disco words.

We would like to thank Hormone for taking the time out of their busy schedule to do this exclusive Q&A with us at Dirty Disco. We are so excited about their new EP, Smoothsayer, and can’t wait to hear what else they create in the future! If you enjoyed reading this interview as much as we did, be sure to show your support by streaming or purchasing a copy of Smoothsayer today!

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