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Up Close & Intimate, A Interview With: Head Honcho of Technic Fabrique – Rob Schoorstra

Kono Vidovic January 25, 2015 31 1

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Technic Fabrique – Rob Schoorstra

Through the years i have met a lot of people doing all kind of things in the music business, and still everyday i meet a lot of nice people, DJ’s, Producers, Promoter’s, Photographers, Artists, Designers, Music Lovers, you just name it. The most people they come and they go and are really not taking in a very specific role in your life, sometimes you meet those people who are far more interesting than the average of people who you just pass by in life, not that all the other people are less interesting but because you meet people in occasions that bring you closer to somebody which you end up doing great things with, for example making music, sharing ideas about music and parties and the whole music scene.

One of those people i have met and ended up doing positive things with is Rob Schoorstra, Rob is a very young guy, actually he is still studying at this moment doing commercial economics and next to that all his spare free time and even more 😉 goes into being the Head Honcho of Technic Fabrique.

Rob is really passionate and dedicated in what he does with Technic Fabrique, The effort and energy he puts in his concept Technic Fabrique i have seen not to many times in people, and next to that he is also i nice guy to talk to. Rob is also a DJ and producer going under the name Daniel Robson, most probably you heard of him because of the remix i did on one of his tracks which we gave away as a free download, you can check the remix I’m referring to right here.

That’s why i asked him for a little Q & A interview here on the Dirty Disco Radio website. So that you can get a little closer and upfront with Rob and Technic Fabrique.

Technic Fabrique
Picture taken by JAG Industries

The Interview

We caught up with Rob to ask him about Technic Fabrique and got the lowdown on the back-story, highlights and what the future might hold for the event organization.

1.Hello Rob, how are you doing?
I’m doing great, thanks!

2.You are the Head Honcho at Technice Fabrique, tell us how did it all start?
It all started in the bar. I went out in Apeldoorn a lot. Apeldoorn is a small village which is cozy, but but The music was always the same. I missed some diversity. Going to parties wasn’t on my mind that time. Until…

A friend of mine told me there was a party going on in Amsterdam, called ‘Nachtcollege’ in Barcode, Barcode is no more unfortunately. I went there and experienced a vibe i had never felt before. I didn’t even know the DJ’s that were playing, but i really enjoyed. That made me realize that i wanted to be busy with organizing events.

3.What is your main vision for Technic Fabrique?
Technic Fabrique started as an evening to play some records and having fun. That philosophy never changed. The base is still the same.

Now it is an evening full of variety, variating from Deep House and (nu) disco to Tech House.

4.You grew up in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands away from any sort of contemporary club culture—how and when did you first start getting into the sort of club events you are in now?
Going out in Apeldoorn isn’t really special. Always the same… It’s not a big city like Utrecht or Amsterdam. Via Technic Fabrique i met a lot of people who go out on frequent base in Amsterdam. Last year i ‘discovered’ the Chicago Social Club and Arjuna Schiks was playing there. There was something magical going on. It was just a mass of people going right and left and focusing on the music.

5.How far do you feel Technic Fabrique has come and evolved in the past year?
Technic Fabrique changed. The biggest change was the ADE. The ADE event of Technic Fabrique was really successful! This made me realize that there was so much more potential.

Now, the sound of the concept is a lot deeper than before. This has to do with the direct environment and the music taste that is changing.
It’s not about deep philosophies. It’s just about having fun and listening to good music and being together with friends.

6.What are your personal special moments and highlights with Technic Fabrique?
Well, actually every edition is a special one with it’s own story. When the evening is, it all comes together. Personally it’s always special to hear the people i ask for an event.

7.How do you feel that the event industry and the electronic dance music scene has changed over the years and how has Technic Fabrique changed with it?
I think the main change has everything to do with social media. Deep House and house are more popular than ever, if you take some artists who really took the standard to a next level like; Route 94 and de Sluwe Vos. This made Deep House more mainstream and accessible for a lot more people.

8.You are also a DJ and Producer, organizing events takes up a lot of time, how are you combining this, i can understand that you can’t put focus on those 2 things at the same time so what is your goal when it comes to the music?
The year 2014 was really all about figuring out what i wanted to do. My primary goal now is to organize new events and play at more locations.

9.What are you most looking forward to in 2015?
There are some parties i really want to go to. Last year i went to Soenda Festival. I heard some great artists, which i never heard before. The quality of the music was so high and the vibe was also very good! Further i’m looking forward playing at new locations and to the new editions of Technic Fabrique and meeting a lot of inspiring people.

10.Where do you see Technic Fabrique going?
I’m not the type of guy that is setting goals. I’m just enjoying every moment to the fullest. I already met some great people that stimulate me and keep me going. Now, with the bi-monthy event at the CUE bar, i think i found the perfect location for Technic Fabrique. It’s cozy and it’s all about the music and having fun with friends.

11.If you could choose any artist on this world to book for a gig on your events, who or which would that be?
Pfff, if i could choose from anyone, i think i would be glad to have Einmusik or Kolombo. Those guys have a signature sound, which i really like!

Also i love to be surprised by (upcoming) inspiring artists, who have love for what they do.

Without further or due i’m really looking forward to the edition together with Dirty Disco Radio. It’s going to be cozy, with good music and (a lot) beer!

technic fabrique
Picture taken by JAG Industries

Follow Rob on Facebook
Daniel Robson on Soundcloud
Daniel Robson on Twitter

Thank you for this interview Rob, and let’s finish this one up with adding some information about our upcoming collaboration: Technic Fabrique X Dirty Disco Radio in the Cue Bar.
Like Rob said, it’s a very cosy place with that living room vibe, perfect for our collaboration and sound. Deep warm, discofied, soulful sounds will make this winter bearable it’s going to be intimate with the dj’s, close and upfront. Hear and see what they play, chat with them and have fun, that’s what life is about, enjoying it in it’s fullest is the main goal here at Dirty Disco Radio and we share that compassion with Technic Fabrique.

The Coming weeks.

In the coming weeks we will invite and reveal the DJ’s that are playing on our event also in the Dirty Disco Studio for an exclusive guestmix combined with an interview here on the website, so stay connected with us and check in frequently for updates and to see which DJ we have next week in the studio for an exclusive guestmix and Q & A.

Technic Fabrique X Dirty Disco Radio
27 February – 20:00 – 04:00 – Free Entrance
Cue Bar – Amsterdam – Utrechtsestraat 16
For more info click here.

The credits for the photographs in this article are going to JAG Industries

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