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Disco’s Future Meets Techno’s Past: The Revolutionary ‘Who You Are’ EP by Templé

Kono Vidovic March 25, 2024 73 6 5

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Ben Smith is the Australian-based artist called Templé, who introduces a fusion of sound from disco’s past and techno’s future in his ‘Who You Are’ EP. It is set for release under his newly launched imprint, Templé Musiq created as a home for his own releases. The EP features the vocal talents of Quartz Pistol, Giacomo Gutilla and Dan Tyler on horns, and a remix by the King of the nu disco, Prins Thomas. Along with these collaborators Luke Million has jumped on the final mix down and production, adding a sprinkle of his hifi disco magic across the EP. 

Templé has released previously on Prins Thomas’s Internasjonal no less, and on Midnight Riot & Black Riot.  He has shared the decks with a ton of great acts down under like Rick Wilhite, Osunlade, Trus’me, Rahaan, Alkalino, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Hidden Spheres and Harvey Sutherland. During these plays ‘Who You Are’ has been well and truly tried, tested, and stamped!

Here we ask him to talk us through 10 tracks that have impacted his musical journey.

Earth, Wind & Fire – September

This is my birthday, the 21st of September. So every year friends send me this song. It’s the best haha.

Enya – Orinoco Flow

It’s super embarrassing this one, but at age about 2 or 3, I was obsessed with this track by Enya and would ask for it to be played on repeat.

Bowie – Let’s Dance

I have very early memories of dancing around the house to Bowie.

Michael Jackson – History (Album)

When this came out, I was about 9 or 10 and I remember begging to go to the record store to buying the gold CD. And then getting home after buying it and sitting by the Sony all in one stereo and just listening to this the whole way through for hours and hours, for days and weeks.

Metallica – Enter Sandman

I was 12, we we’re having a picnic and my older stepbrother was listening to something on his Walkman. I was like “what are you listening to” (with my undercut and flannel shirt) and he said “Metallica” and handed me the headphones. I somehow managed to keep the headphones and Walkman for the rest of the trip and listened to the whole record in the car on the way home from the picnic. It was the first time I’d heard distortion and thus ensued my punk/metal 90’s exploration phase for close to a decade.

Eddie Amador – House Music

I started working at sugar (nightclub in Adelaide) at around 17 as a glassy. Watching HMC (aka Late Night Tuff Guy) play his weekly residency changed my life for ever. Hearing tracks like this one and many others around this time have kept me on my current musical trajectory and exploration. 

The Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt

I found this track accidently while looking for something else whilst down a deep Discogs rabbit hole and it started my obsession of searching for boogie, Balearic and lost records/rarities.  

Theo Parrish – Sound Sculptures, Vol.1

It was a tough one, choosing this record or Villalobos’ – Easy Lee. But I’m going to say hearing them both had the most profound musical impact on me as far as becoming a producer. Hearing what’s possible with sound and rhythm, telling a story, keeping it simple and creating a cohesive record. 

Metro Area – Metro Area

They’re the greatest of all time in my opinion. I just have no idea how they get sound to do what they do. I’d love to get real nerdy with them and ask sooo many production questions. Morgan specifically, if I had to choose one… Morgan are you out there…? Wanna get nerdy…? Hahaha

Templé – Who You Are EP – The Tetrah

I’ve previously released music with a bunch of bands I’ve been in and have mixed, mastered and produced music for many other people along the way. However, this EP marks my third solo release and is the first release under my newly formed imprint Templé Musiq. It includes a remix from Prins Thomas, features vocals from Quartz Pistol, Horns from Giacomo Guttilla and Dan Isler. Luke Million has jumped on for the final mixdown and additional production. This EP is a culmination of the 9 aforementioned artists and songs. And is the first in a 3-part series of EPs scheduled for release over the next 12 months. 

End conclusion.

Thank you for joining us on this mesmerizing journey through the ‘Who You Are’ EP with Templé. This EP is not just music; it’s a bridge between eras, a fusion of disco’s vibrant past and techno’s boundless future. Special thanks to Templé for crafting this masterpiece and to all the incredible talents like Quartz Pistol, Giacomo Gutilla, Dan Tyler, and Luke Million, who added their magic to the mix. Don’t let the journey end here; grab your copy of ‘Who You Are’ from Templé Musiq and immerse yourself in the sound that transcends time. Follow Templé on social media to stay updated on this and future releases. Here’s to endless grooves and unforgettable nights, Thank you, Templé!

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