DJ Will Mcgiven – The Cosmic Interlude Show

When it comes to radio and podcasting we love to promote our weekly podcast / radio show to you, but because we are always and everyday busy with music and the music business, we know a lot of people who produce music, play music, talk about music, people who organize events and the list continues. And when we hear something good we like to talk about it, no matter if it’s music, a good dj, another good podcast / radioshow.

In this case we like you to listen to this weekly podcast and radioshow of our friend and colleague Will Mcgiven and his Cosmic Interlude Show, which is broadcasted on one of the biggest Electronic Dance Music radio stations in Spain: Mix People FM.

Ever episode Will takes you into a journey that you can’t imagine, a journey into the deepest place that space has to offer, with his very broad knowledge of music he play’s you music that you most likely have not heard before on any other podcast / radioshow.

It touches your soul!

From those spacey atmospheric tracks, into a more jazzy and soulfull groove, from deep tantra’s into 4×4 house grooves. Will MCgiven plays you his vibe! Enough talking about the music, let’s listen to the music.

The Cosmic Interlude Show.
14:00 till 15:00 Spanish time
on 107.0 FM ALICANTE &

Twitter: @feelthevibesoul
Soundcloud: @the-vibe-collective
Mob no: 07877 083223

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