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The Kerri Chandler Special – Dirty Disco 288 – Last of 2018

Kono Vidovic December 31, 2018 795 2 5

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That’s it 2018 is a warp! Time to bang out of it, and bang into 2019 with a very special and extra long Dirty Disco episode. This the Kerri Chandler Special, music podcast 288. The last episode of 2018.

Dirty Disco 288 – The last of 2018.

This is the very last Dirty Disco music podcast episode of this year. Recorded on the 31st of December and therefor an extra long special. This music podcast episode will last for 3 hours and 43 minutes and is dedicated to music by the living House Legend Kerri Chandler.

Kerri Chandler

The Kerri Chandler Special.

Just like last week, i decided once again to create a special Dirty Disco episode. Last week was because of Christmas and we had the episode recorded on Christmas eve, because i was in a good mood i decided to make it an longer one. You can check out the Dirty Disco Christmas special here. Today it happens to be the 31st of December 2018, and therefor i decided to once again give you a special episode that goes well along with New Years Eve. Because of the recent music share by Kerri on the first Christmas day. When he dropped 70 of his produced tracks for free on the internet. I decided to do a Kerri Chandler special.

Free download with 70 tracks.

Let me explain this to you. In august Kerri shared 43 of his own productions with the world for free in a 2 GB download pack. Last Christmas he did this again and added some more music to the already 43 rare gems. He now shared 70 tracks for free with the world. I wrote a blog post about it, with the downloadable file in it. You can read this blog and find the Kerri Chandler download here.

Because of this very exceptional share by one of the best House Producers and real House Legends. And also the fact that we are celebrating Old and New years eve, i decided to create a Kerri Chandler Special with these tracks he gave away for free.

Kerri Chandler DJ Mix.

Do not understand me wrong here. This is not a DJ mix that Kerri made. But i DJ mix that i (Kono Vidovic) host and DJ of Dirty Disco, made with only Kerri Chandler music in it. I took his 70 tracks that he gave away for free. I curated the pack and made a smaller selection of the tracks that i wanted to use in this DJ mix. And started mixing. Finally i ended up with 33 tracks in this 3 hour and 43 minute DJ mix.

Just like Kerri gave away his music for free. You can also listen to this special music podcast for free. And get the DJ only mix version for free. (The version without me talking) Just e-mail me about this and i will give you the DJ only mix with the free Kerri Chandler House tracks in it.

Who is Kerri Chandler?

After reading all this and listening to Dirty Disco 288 (The Kerri Chandler Special) It might be so that you don’t really know who the man is. Or it might just be the very first time you hear from his name. So let me explain you a bit who Kerri Chandler is and what it is that he does.

Kerri Chandler is a House DJ and producer that was born in 1969 under his full name Kerri Camar Chandler in New Jersey. Where he grew up in a very musical family of Jazz musicians. His Father ‘Joseph Chandler’ was also a DJ and the reason why Kerri also ended up behind the decks of big local night clubs. With music and DJ’ing already being injected on a very young age, Kerri also started making music and started his very own record label in 1989 called ‘Express Records’.

Not long after that in 1991 he got signed on the Atlantic Records label where he released his first single Super Lover / Get It Off on. From there he started to work with bigger names in the industry like Roy Ayers, Black Box, Jerome Sydenham, Dennis Ferrer and many more. He started playing in big night clubs, and from then until now, he produced hundreds of records under his own name and other aliases.

One of the real House Legends.

He became the face of the Real House and Deep House sound. Started Madhouse Records which is still one of the best labels for real House Music. He also started some other labels and worked and is still working with many electronic music DJ’s and producer around the globe. He gets booked a lot and plays around the globe every week. Kerri definitely has and had a big influence in today’s House Music scene. And can easily be named among names like other House legends like: Larry Heard (Mr Fingers), DJ Pierre, Kenny Dope, Ron Hardy, Steve Silk Hurley, Jack Master Farley, Lil Louis, Dajae, Frankie Knuckles, Robert Owens, Jesse Saunders and the list can go on.

Now that you know.

There is only one thing left for you to do if you didn’t already. Grab the 70 free tracks and listen to the latest Dirty Disco episode 288, by clicking on the play button to start the show.

Best Wishes for 2019.

That’s it for now! I’m leaving you here with a extra long Dirty Disco episode. A Kerri Chandler Special DJ Mix made by me. Next year i will be back as usual with weekly podcasts filled with new releases, forthcoming music, promo releases and more specials. Until then i wishing you a very beautiful 2019. Make sure to follow your dreams, be the change that you want to be! Stay safe, stay healthy, be happy, work hard and enjoy life even harder. Spread positivity to receive more and tune into Dirty Disco every week. 😉

Track-list – Dirty Disco 288 – Kerri Chandler Special.

Artist Track title
Kerri Chandler Mommy What’s a Record
Kerri Chandler & Dennis Ferrer Waterfall
Kerri Chandler The Old Office
Romanthony Trust (Kerri Chandler Dub)
Kerri Chandler I Think Of You – I Love Mad Bass (Love Sick Mix)
Trailer Ends Runnin’ Around (Dark Swing Mix)
Kerri Chandler Inspiration
Kerri Chandler Useless
Nina Simone Westwind (Kerri Chandler Remix)
Dee Dee Brave Feel The Breeze (Kerri Chandler Dub)
Kerri Chandler Track 1 – New Old School Mix (EQ2)
A Night With Dick (Kerri Chandler) The Bar
Kerri Chandler Turn Off The Lights (Who’s Afraid Of The Dark)
Kerri Chandler ESC
Kerri Chandler These Six Pianos (EQ2)
Dee Dee Brave Mookies Bio
Kerri Chandler Zeulare
Kerri Chandler Even Though
Kerri Chandler Love To The World (Ft Yass)
Kerri Chandler Kerri Bacharach
Kerri Chandler Mine
Kerri Chandler Get It Off (Third Generation)
Kerri Chandler The Machine (Vocal)
Kerri Chandler Track 1 (Bigga Mix)
Kerri Chandler Downtown
Kerri Chandler From Day One
Kerri Chandler A Demo
Kerri Chandler House Is House
Kerri Chandler Fuck This Cowbell (EQ2)
Kerri Chandler All The Downloads (JLOH Edit)
Kerri Chandler Locked Out
Kerri Chandler In The Morning (String Vocal)


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