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The Lot Radio: A Musical Journey Through Brooklyn’s Best DJ Sets & performances.

Kono Vidovic March 24, 2024 138 10 5

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As a DJ, music professional, and true aficionado of rhythm and sound, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing and creating countless musical moments. However, few places have captivated my soul quite like The Lot Radio. Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, this online radio station has become a sanctuary for live, electrifying performances that echo through the streets of Times Square to every corner of the globe.

The Lot Radio studio Dj set-up for the best DJ sets and performances

About The Lot Radio.

Launched in 2016, The Lot Radio is an independent online radio station from Brooklyn, New York, broadcasting out of a renovated shipping container. It quickly transformed from a local passion project into a global music platform, uniting music enthusiasts and artists. The Lot serves as a vital part of Brooklyn’s music scene, offering an eclectic mix of live DJ sets and performances, and broadcasting New York’s underground sounds worldwide. This communal space reflects the spirit and diversity of its city, becoming a beloved cultural landmark.

The Lot Radio best DJ sets and live performances.

As we transition from learning about The Lot Radio’s origins and impact, we’re about to dive into the heart of its cultural contribution: a curated collection of the best DJ sets and performances that have graced this Brooklyn gem. Each set not only showcases the eclectic taste and vibrant spirit of New York’s music scene but also echoes The Lot Radio’s mission to connect the global community through the universal language of music. Stay tuned as we explore these unforgettable moments that have defined The Lot Radio as a beacon of artistic innovation.

Fred again.. (12-06-2021)

In a mesmerizing set that transcended the bounds of electronic music, Fred again.. captured the essence of live performance at The Lot Radio. His ability to seamlessly blend genres, creating a tapestry of sound that is both innovative and nostalgic, is nothing short of remarkable. This performance is a testament to the raw, unfiltered talent that frequents The Lot, making it a pivotal platform for artists in New York and beyond.

Four Tet (12-01-22)

Four Tet’s appearance at The Lot Radio is a profound journey through the landscapes of sound. Each track, carefully selected and masterfully mixed, contributes to a narrative that is uniquely Four Tet’s. It’s a reminder of the power of music to connect us, to bring us into the moment, and to inspire us. This set not only showcases Four Tet’s incredible talent but also embodies the spirit of exploration and community that The Lot Radio champions.

Louie Vega (June 20th, 2019)

Louie Vega’s performance at The Lot Radio is a vibrant celebration of house music’s enduring influence. His set is a rich blend of rhythms and melodies that invites listeners on a global journey of musical discovery. Vega’s intuitive understanding of the genre and his ability to read the crowd transforms this set into a communal experience, highlighting the shared joy of music at the heart of The Lot Radio’s ethos.

Jacques Greene and Bonobo (07-30-2023)

In a harmonious blend of textures and tempos, Jacques Greene and Bonobo‘s performance at The Lot Radio on July 30, 2023, was a masterclass in musical storytelling. This set was a dynamic journey through electronic landscapes, where each track was carefully chosen to complement the next, creating an immersive experience that captivated listeners from start to finish. Their collaboration was a vivid illustration of their shared passion for exploring the depths of electronic music, making it a truly memorable moment at The Lot Radio.

Barry Can’t Swim (02-14-2024)

On Valentine’s Day 2024, Barry Can’t Swim delivered a set at The Lot Radio that was as refreshing as it was reflective. His selection moved effortlessly between genres, pulling the audience into a narrative that felt both intimate and expansive. Known for his emotional depth and eclectic style, Barry’s performance was a celebration of electronic music’s power to connect hearts and minds, proving once again why he’s one of the most exciting artists to watch.

Chet Faker (01-29-2024)

Chet Faker‘s set at The Lot Radio in early 2024 was a testament to his skill as a producer and selector. Blending soulful melodies with electronic beats, Chet took listeners on a sonic journey that was both nostalgic and forward-thinking. His ability to evoke emotion through music turned the set into an intimate conversation, one that resonated deeply with all who tuned in.

Floating Points (October 9th, 2019)

Floating Points’ performance at The Lot Radio in October 2019 was a showcase of his unparalleled ability to fuse jazz, electronic, and classical influences into a cohesive sonic experience. His set was a deep dive into the essence of sound, inviting listeners to explore the boundaries of music alongside him. It was a captivating display of technical prowess and creative genius, leaving an indelible mark on The Lot Radio’s history.

Chromeo The Lot Takeover (02-18-2024)

When Chromeo took over The Lot Radio in February 2024, it was nothing short of spectacular. Their signature funk-infused electronic music brought an irresistible energy that had everyone moving. The duo’s mastery of rhythm and melody, paired with their infectious enthusiasm, turned their set into a celebration of life, love, and music.

Yuksek (Mar 9, 2018)

Yuksek‘s set at The Lot Radio in March 2018 was a vibrant blend of disco, electronic, and house music. His expert curation and energetic mixing style created an atmosphere that was both uplifting and transformative, showcasing his ability to communicate through beats and basslines.

Baltra & DJ Seinfeld (Nov 8, 2017)

The collaborative set by Baltra and DJ Seinfeld at The Lot Radio in November 2017 was a memorable exploration of lo-fi house and ambient electronic music. Their shared set was an intimate portrayal of the raw, unpolished side of electronic music, inviting listeners into a world of textured soundscapes and melancholic melodies.

Soul Clap Records Show With Eli (01-02-2024)

Eli from Soul Clap Records at The Lot Radio in January 2024 was a soulful journey through the realms of funk, house, and beyond. His curated selection of tracks and seamless transitions demonstrated not just his technical skills as a DJ but also his deep love and understanding of music’s power to unite and uplift.

Gilles Peterson (01-11-2023)

Gilles Peterson’s January 2023 set at The Lot Radio was a masterful exhibition of musical diversity, spanning genres, eras, and continents. Known for his eclectic taste, Gilles took listeners on a global tour through sound, proving music knows no boundaries. His set was an educational and exhilarating experience, cementing his status as a musical connoisseur.

End conclusion.

Each set at The Lot Radio tells a unique story, much like the podcast episodes of Dirty Disco. As a DJ and music lover who lives and breathes electronic music, I invite you to continue this auditory journey with me on Dirty Disco Podcasts. Dive deeper into the world of electronic music, where the beats of Brooklyn, New York, and beyond come to life. Join us as we explore the sounds of The Lot Radio and similar artists, keeping the groove alive one episode at a time. Tune in, and let’s keep the music playing together.

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