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The Soulful Journey of Miles Away Records: 10 Iconic Tracks

Kono Vidovic June 26, 2023 127 2 5

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A few months ago I had the pleasure to interview Dom Williams and recently we had the chance to meet him again. Journey into the heart of soulful music with Miles Away Records, a reissue label that has carved its own niche in the music world over the past four years. Known for its distinctive, high-quality releases, Miles Away Records is not just about music; it’s about the passion, dedication, and the rich stories that reside within each track. Let’s explore ten of their iconic releases, each unique, carrying a tale of its own. Whether it’s the first release that sold out within two weeks or the long-awaited Ruth Waters track, these soul-stirring melodies offer a glimpse into the label’s remarkable journey and the extraordinary talent it fosters.

Miles Away Records.

Is a reissue label specializing in soulful music from all over the world. We’ve been going for four years now and have worked with artists such as Lamont Butler, Patterson Twins and Rita Joyce. We put a great deal of time and thought into our releases and really go the extra mile with them…” Domenic Williams.

Rokk – Patience.

This was our very first release and went down incredibly well. We sold out within two weeks of putting on pre-order. 

Rita Joyce – Dancing Close.

One of our most popular releases thus far. I thought this single was a risk to put out because it was perhaps little down-tempo or slower than our previous output, but I was wrong. It went down a storm. 

Lamont Butler – Ungodly War.

It took us five years to track down Lamont. I must’ve called every Lamont Butler in North America. One day, at 2am in the morning, I had a breakthrough and I’d finally tracked down the right person. He was incredibly lovely and his voice on his track Ungodly War still gives us chills. 

Dyson’s Face – We’re Two Fools In Love.

DJ, Collector and all-round top dude Buddy Love put us onto this track. He heard it on a building site. He’s got great taste so once we heard it we had to put it out on a 7 (for the first time). 

Patterson Twins – Gonna Find A True Love.

An all-time top soul 7. We love this version of the track and the Bottom and Co version too. We were lucky enough to put out the Patterson Twins album to Let Me Be Your Lover which included the extended version of Gonna Find A True Love on. Check it! Strings are killer! 

Howard Lemon Singers – For The Children.

One of our more recent releases we adore this track. Cassandra Wright’s vocals are stunning and never fail to move us. A track about the need to allow our children to have a good future. It’s gospel with a twist. Also packed full of Stax musicians who formed part of the Isaac Hayes Movement. 

Savior-Flair – Keep Holding On.

One of the later tracks we’ve reissued coming out in the 80s. We wanted to take a step into the 80s and this was the perfect track. Diversifying the output is important for us and the direction we want to take the label in the future. 

Oscar Lopez Ruiz – Las Venganzas De Beto Sanchez.

Another recent release. Oscar Lopez Ruiz was a legendary Argentinian soundtrack genius. Not many tracks were come under his name, infact this is the only one and it was written to accompany a film called ‘Las Venganzas De Beto Sanchez‘. We’re delighted to be working directly with Oscar’s daughter in reissuing this masterpiece. 

The Grooms – Slow Down.

Somewhat of a sleeper hit on the label in our humble opinion. We love the raw funk sound of this track and it always goes down well on the dancefloor. If you haven’t heard this yet check it, you won’t regret it! 

Ruth Waters – Super Star Pt.1.

We have been trying to track down Ruth Waters since we started the label. Loved this track since we came across it on Soundcloud randomly one day. Ruth released two disco-infused albums in the 70s with the late great John Davis but never really had the chances her voice deserved. It’s a pleasure to be working with her directly on this project. WE often say this about our latest releases but this is the best single we’ve released. 

End conclusion.

Miles Away Records is more than just a label; it is a testament to the power of soulful music that transcends borders. With each track, they weave a tale that resonates with music lovers worldwide, showcasing their commitment to quality, authenticity, and storytelling. From the groundbreaking Rokk’s ‘Patience’ to the heart-touching ‘Super Star Pt.1′ by Ruth Waters, these ten tracks offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of soulful music that the label has been curating over the years.

Thank you for joining us on this musical journey. If these stories and melodies have struck a chord with you, we invite you to explore the entire collection of Miles Away Records. Immerse yourself in the magic of soulful music, and join us in celebrating the talent, the stories, and the love for music that Miles Away Records embodies.

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