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The Wild Violets: Ten Tracks That Shaped Our Disco Sound.

Kono Vidovic June 3, 2024 31 2

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The Disco Express welcome London disco outfit The Wild Violets. Marrying sizzling 70’s guitars with shimmering synths, live drums, funky bass grooves and stunning vocals, The Wild Violets strive to leave their mark on the world through creating original yet nostalgic disco. Influenced by Nile Rodgers, Jamiroquai and Franc Moody, the four-piece outfit record contemporary elements, writing deeply visceral lyrics to make danceable, soulful and euphoric experiences.

From the guitar and bass grooves in ‘She Won’t Wait’ to Brooke’s signature vocals in ‘Searching For A Spark’ the music and lyrics are layered with meaning and oozing with quality. Their authenticity shines most in the feel good, summer sizzler ‘Sunrise’. A modern disco gem, ‘Sunrise’ boasts a fusion of funk, soul, disco and remarkable vocal moments sure to bring joy to dancefloors worldwide. The EP is given a makeover by Georges in Paris on the mix, with Bruno Gruel’s master bringing out the best of The Wild Violet’s sonic qualities, and Dr Packer serving up an outstanding club version of ‘Sunrise’ to complete the EP. 

Here we talk to The Wild Violets about Ten Tracks that have had an impact on their musical world.

The Wild Violets

“We’re a contemporary disco band from London. Our guitarist Felipe started the band at university and it’s evolved a lot over the years from its original indie roots. Now there are 3 of us – Felipe on guitar, Hannah on keys and backing vocals and Brooke on lead vocals. We love creating music that mixes soulful vocals and classic disco vibes with modern production. We’ve just released an EP featuring a disco house remix of one of our tracks by Dr Packer and would love you to give it a listen!…”

He’s the Greatest Dancer – Sister Sledge

This song has the coolest groove and catchiest guitar riff ever. Nile Rodgers at his finest! We absolutely love the strings parts as well, they complement the rest of the track so perfectly. This song seems to capture the essence of disco music when it was first being created. We have that debut Sister Sledge record hanging up in our studio.

Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl

Here’s a song we really wish we’d written and which influenced us when writing our song Satellite. Matt Johnson’s creativity with keys sounds is incredible and we love that the chord progressions never quite do what you expect. JK’s vocals are so unique and have so much soul, and again the strings line complementing the chorus is just so perfect!

Franc Moody / Young Franco – Daydreaming

The intro to this track is just an instant hit of happiness for us. When the bassline hits it’s just instantly grooving so hard, and the use of different synth sounds throughout the song keeps it so interesting. We’re huge fans of Franc Moody and take inspiration from a lot of their music. 

The Wild Violets – Sunrise

We’re so proud of the first track on our EP. We wanted to capture the euphoria of being out dancing with your favourite people until the sun comes up. The song is meant to take you to that zone where time isn’t real and you want it to last forever! Some of our favourite elements of the song are the guitar riff, the spacey backing vocals and the strings line. We took inspiration from a lot of the disco icons included here for that.

It’s a Love Thing – The Whispers

The synth bass on this is so tight, it’s absolutely addictive! What a groove, layered with euphoric melody and vocals. We love the instrumentation – funky guitar and keys doubling that iconic bassline. 

Jungle – Casio

Brooke and Hannah are huge fans of Jungle and have taken a lot of inspiration from their melodies, for example the floaty chorus melody in She Won’t Wait on the new EP. Jungle often use pretty simple motifs to build their songs but they’re always so stylish – the perfect build and release as layers are added and taken away. 

Aretha Franklin – Get it Right

This album may not have done so well when it was released but we absolutely love Aretha in her post-disco era. A delicious piano part and fantastic synth bass from Marcus Miller. 

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

What an iconic dance track. The production on this is so clean and understated in a way that really allows each part to shine through. The high guitar riff is so tasty, definitely one that’s influenced how Felipe writes guitar parts.

Tom Misch – South of the River

We love the way Tom brings a classic disco feel to his writing – we aim to do a similar thing with ours, blending it with contemporary production. In this song as in all of them, Tom delivers effortless vocals, creative chord sequences, and the cleanest bass and beat. Not to mention of course the genius of his guitar hooks and solos. The solo on South of the River truly takes you to space and back. Makes us do some serious skank face.

The Wild Violets – She Won’t Wait

She Won’t Wait is the third track on our EP. It’s about hesitating over whether to tell someone you’re into them. We were inspired by Jungle writing the melody and bassline of this track – they always get the rhythm just right and we were looking for that same satisfying feel. 


A huge thank you to The Wild Violets for sharing the stories behind the tracks that have influenced their vibrant sound. Be sure to check out their latest EP, featuring the infectious summer anthem “Sunrise.” Dive into their world of danceable, soulful disco and let the music take you to new heights. Stream it now and get ready to groove!

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