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theBasement Discos | House Music From Spain | Music Label Feature & Interview

Kono Vidovic May 6, 2020 919 52 5

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Working in the music industry, running a music show and being a DJ not only gives me the pleasure and opportunity to listen and play a lot of great music. It also brings in much joy by meeting the people behind the music in particular in this creative sector, and learning about the philosophies they carry.

Because every piece of music has its own story to tell and there is so much more behind the music i decided to bring more from ‘behind the scenes’ of some of the great labels and people i play music from.

Today i got the pleasure to talk to Carlos AlandĂ­, who is one from the creative minds behind the Spanish in Valencia based house music label theBasement Discos.

TheBasement Discos | House Music From Spain | Music Label Feature & Interview

Interview with theBasement Discos.

theBasement Disco do a lot in music, running events, releasing music from underground house music talents, running a music blog like us. And even their artworks are dope! I asked Carlos 8 questions, in this music label feature and interview you will learn more about the label. The music styles, their way of working, their events, music releases and Carlos even added a free download for you so let’s get on with it.

1. I have been following your label for a while and the quality of the music and your activity made me very curious, so please tell me who is behind TheBasement Discos? When and how did it all start?

We are basically a group of friends. It’s nine of us, with nine different backgrounds and one thing in common: the love for house music. It all started driven by the lack of house music in our city. It was the end of 2012, and the scene was filled with indietrĂłnica, electro… but hardly any grooves to enjoy, so we decided it was time to start a little party in a club. And that’s what happened, and it all started to escalate till today. 

2. If you would need to introduce the label in 2-3 sentences, how would that sound like?

I would say that we are a label specialising in house music with strong influences by funky and disco. We aim to reflect good vibes in our music, bridging the gap across classic sounds and new generations of producers, music lovers and clubbers across the planet Earth. Hope that sounded right!

House music is a feeling, so if you feel it, you will be very welcome.

Carlos AlandĂ­

3. How would you describe TheBasement Discos sound?

As I said, it is strongly influenced by disco. It needs to transmit good vibes and happy energies. We are in this world to bring joy. It’s enough sadness and darkness out there, and we want to fight it through music. 

4. What is the label’s musical mission and outlook?

We really want to put a smile on the listener’s face. Also we really like to promote talent who is trying to break through, and build a community for house music lovers, crafting a unique alchemy between the audience and the creators and producers. House music is a feeling, so if you feel it, you will be very welcome.

5. I really love the music you are releasing, the latest EP is sounding great! Can you give us a little background on the release and how this came together?

Following the previous releases on our edit series, we decided to ensemble a compilation. Why not? So basically out of all the demos we receive, we wanted to put some grooves for free with this edit format, which people are loving it. (I don’t blame them as it’s free music). We are receiving lots of love, even Disclosure is playing it and including it in their Spotify Playlists. 

6. What do you look for signing an artist and their track?

I would say that we look for the right energy and mood. It needs to have some kind of positive energy. I can also tell you what we don’t care about, and that’s numbers. We do not care if you have 200 or 20.000 followers on Instagram. We look at the music, not the social media profiles. 

The rest of 2020 looks really interesting with amazing releases from artists from all around the globe. From Japan to MĂ©xico, the list of future artists is thrilling!!!

Carlos AlandĂ­

7. With the current Covid-19 situation, the whole events industry stopped working. How do you as a label running events handle this?

Well, thanks to the label  we are keeping a certain level of activity. But regarding our event calendar, it’s completely frozen and we are struggling lots, the same as the rest of the industry. It is a complete disaster, and I don’t want to imagine a life without cool music gatherings, like we used to do. Fingers crossed!

Here’s an impression of past events by theBasement Discos.

8. What are the next steps and has the label got coming up – what are you working on?

Oh well, we really want to carry on with the path we are doing. Solid releases, good remixers, colorful music and artworks that make you smile. We’d really like to have some big fishes on board, but we cannot pay the fees some of the artists are asking for a remix. We’ll never break even, so we rather prefer to carry on with upcoming artists that really commit to our philosophy. That’s something that makes sense to us. The rest of 2020 looks really interesting with amazing releases from artists from all around the globe. From Japan to México, the list of future artists is thrilling!!! So if you like the good grooves, you better stay tuned with theBasement Discos.

Follow theBasement Discos on all of their channels

Stay tuned with theBasement Discos.

I can only agree with Carlos on his last words in the interview ‘if you like the good grooves, you better stay tuned with theBasement Discos. Make sure to check them out on all of their online pages. Check their music, download the free ‘Chapter Four Edits’ on their Bandcamp account and keep an eye out for their forthcoming releases.

I would like to thank Carlos AlandĂ­ for doing this cool interview with us. And a big shout out to the entire theBasement Discos crew. Good luck with all what’s coming. I will keep supporting your music in Dirty Disco.

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