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Third Attempt – Trust In Theme’ is a Dancefloor Killer.

Kono Vidovic December 7, 2022 161 6 5

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Third Attempt is back with a vengeance and a brand new EP! ‘Trust In Theme’ is the first in a series of dancefloor killers, and it’s sure to get your feet moving. This four-track EP is packed with amazing beats that will keep you hooked from start to finish. We had the chance to talk to Third Attempt about his latest EP, and he gave us some great insights into each track. Keep reading for more information on this incredible artist!

Checking You Out.

Lately I’ve gotten really inspired by the late 90s / early 2000s funky disco-house era. Started to properly listen, dig and play it out more often in my DJ sets. Eventually I decided to give it a shot myself. “Checking you out” is my attempt at that kind of sound.

More sample-based, loop oriented arrangement than usual. Spending lots of time adjusting, chopping, and editing small clips. I’ve gotten quite comfortable using AI to extract instruments, beats and vocals from old tracks that seem lost in time. Brand new technology that honestly changed the whole sample game for me.

It’s a special thing, exploring the textures and feelings in such small amounts of audio. I’ve found that these slices of history are just impossible to recreate. So, I am constantly digging and building my library. Sometimes I think of myself as a collage artist, hence the recurring style in the cover-artworks.

I always layer with my own repertoire of drums, bass, keys, synths and atmosphere. 

Have to say that making a track with vocals was also refreshing! 

It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much dancefloor focus. So, I noticed it was a challenge to stay on the right track, having quite recently released an album (where the creative process is quite different). But I think I managed to stay true to the theme (as the EP title suggests) 😊 

Teach Me.

Probably my favorite from the EP. Very present soulful feeling, which I am always trying to bring forward one way or another.

This also has a similar workflow to the other tracks. Micro level sampling, with a very loopy groove. Had super fun with the Rhodes melody floating on top. Which is my favorite instrument. 

In my most recent creative process I am finding myself removing more elements than adding them. 

It’s become a perfectionist way of working. When I allow myself to repeat a portion of a song for this long, it HAS to be spotless. It becomes surgical and almost painfully detail focused, but it’s beyond satisfying when everything finally clicks.

This was an exercise in allowing myself to believe that there’s potential in everything. Thinking multiple times that “this will never work” or “this is too boring”. Only to find myself pushing on and for it to become the exact opposite. 


Letting my funk influences shine through on this one. Stacking electric bass and guitars with a thick atmosphere. Groove-wise I layered 808/linndrum one shots with multiple breaks on top of each other. 

For me, there is always a special amount of focus in the drums. When I make trip-hop, downtempo or breakbeats, it’s easier to create a funky / groovy feeling because the tempo is usually slower, and the kicks/low end aren’t too busy (like in four to the floor club music). 

But I found that when I kept the low end of the kicks in my layered (sample based soul/funk/disco) breaks, it seemed to create the same groove-feeling as in my downtempo stuff, allowing me to blend the styles. While simultaneously having a static 4/4 rhythm going beneath. Therefore, lately I’ve found that I often have 4 or 5 different kicks at the same time in a track. 

It probably seems to not be such a big deal. But it was kind of a game changing moment, and this workflow is true for almost all the tracks on this EP.


Not extremely familiar territory for me. But it’s always fun to experiment and to show more of my influences. This is a disco focused, all-purpose dance track. With more use of voice, which is new to me. Dialogue samples along with vocals became more interesting for me when I realized I can use it to turn the music much more literal. Using this as a concept, it reinforced some ideas and made it easier to see the track clearly. 

Thanks for the chat & for taking interest in my music! Much appreciated.

Some final words.

Thank you for taking the time to read our interview about Third Attempt – Trust In Theme. We hope you enjoyed getting a bit deeper into each track and learning more about the creative process behind them. Be sure to check out ‘Trust In Theme’ on Beatservice Records today!

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