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Third Attempt’s Top 10 Influential Icons and His Latest Momentary Bliss Album.

Kono Vidovic November 9, 2023 125 8 5

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Welcome to Dirty Disco, where the beats never stop and the stories behind the music captivate as much as the rhythms themselves. Today, we’re diving deep into the mind and music of Third Attempt, a name that has become synonymous with innovation and energy in the European electro disco scene. Over the past three years, Third Attempt has not only been prolific but has also carved out a distinct sound with Beatservice Records, his creative sanctuary.

Third Attempt

For those who have followed his journey, Third Attempt’s rise isn’t just about catchy tracks; it’s a story of inspiration and evolution. In our previous features, we’ve explored his origins in a family-oriented neighborhood, the pulsating Oslo music scene that shaped his sound, and the uplifting essence of his latest EP. (Catch up on these stories here and here).

Today, we shift the focus to the people who have inspired this Norwegian prodigy. Third Attempt, hailing from a land known for its contribution to the electro scene, takes up the mantle from the Nordic gods of this genre. Here, he opens up about the top 10 icons who have fueled his artistic journey. Let’s delve into the minds that have influenced the influencer, painting a fuller picture of the music that moves us.

Todd Terje

Norway’s national hero. He’s basically founded his own sound and has become a big figure in the scene. Testament to staying true to your own expressions. Space disco forever.


I’ve said it before, and it may be obvious at this point. But Røyksopp will always be a big inspiration for me. Especially Melody AM and Senior albums.

Daft Punk

First thing that popped up in my mind when I think of icons. Shame that I won’t see these guys live.

Groove Armada

I respect these guys the most for being able to blend multiple genres on an album. Inspires me to look beyond in my creative work. 


Has made commercial success on their own terms. 

Nightmares on Wax

Visionary and big name for a reason in the game. Visionary.

Floating Points

An srtist that stays true to who he is and what he wants to express. 

The Orb

One of the founders of the ambient and electronic dance music crossover. Been listening closely ever since I was a teenager. What inspires me most about these guys is the quantity, consistency, and quality they continue to put out to this day. 

St Germain

Was miles ahead with the blending of improvised jazz, blues and electronic music. Timeless stuff.


Irreplaceable music, one of a kind.

A few more words.

As we bring our exploration with Third Attempt to a close, we’re left with a deeper appreciation for the intricate web of influences that forge his unique sound. His homage to the titans of the electro disco scene goes beyond mere admiration; it’s a reflection of his deep-rooted passion for music and an insight into the creative forces that shape his artistry.

A heartfelt thank you to Third Attempt for taking us behind the scenes of his musical inspiration. Your journey is more than a narrative of personal growth; it’s a vibrant illustration of how music can bridge gaps and kindle spirits across different eras and cultures.

Third Attempt - Momentary Bliss LP

Momentary Bliss LP.

And now, a special invitation to our Dirty Disco audience: immerse yourselves in the latest milestone of Third Attempt’s journey, his recently released album. This new offering is not just a collection of tracks; it’s a synthesis of his experiences, inspirations, and innovative spirit. Dive into this auditory adventure and experience the embodiment of Third Attempt’s journey and growth. The vinyl will be released on 2-2-24, so make sure you pre-order it here.

Stay connected with Third Attempt on his social media channels for the latest updates, and treat your ears to the fresh sounds of his new album. Let the rhythms and beats be your guide in this ever-evolving musical landscape, and remember, the heart of Dirty Disco beats louder with each new discovery. Join us in this celebration of music, inspiration, and the unending journey of discovery!

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