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Tom Trago’s ‘Deco’ Album: A Musical Therapy for the Soul.

Kono Vidovic April 13, 2023 243 7 5

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As someone who has followed Tom Trago‘s career for several years, it’s fascinating to see the evolution of his sound on “Deco”, his sixth album and first for Rush Hour in a decade. The album’s genesis is intriguing, Trago’s extended absence from club dancefloors, during which he prioritized family life and turned to “Deco Sauna”, a local institution in Amsterdam that helped him “decompress” and detoxify his body. Eventually, he moved to the coast to reassess his priorities and spend more time with his young family. Let’s dive in deeper into Tom Trago – Deco album.

The Story Behind ‘Deco’: Tom Trago’s Journey to Rediscovering Himself.

With the desire to make dancefloor-focused music temporarily deserted, Trago found himself drawn to creating “electronic lullabies” and music that reflected his pastoral environment. It’s evident throughout the album that Trago was not interested in making conventional club hits but rather exploring different musical routes without the straight-jacket of dance floors.

Spellbinding Soundscapes: A Track-by-Track Review of ‘Deco’.

One standout track is “Dark Oak,” the album’s gorgeous and sun-bright opener co-produced by Tracey. It sets the tone for the entire album with tumbling lead lines, chiming melodic motifs, and kaleidoscopic chords atop the gentlest of bubbly beat patterns. “Central Park” is another standout track, with its deep and hypnotic excursion marked out by rhythmic bleeps, minimalistic beats, and layered melodies, and the summer sun-down rush of “Never Peace a Puzzle.”

Tom Trago’s ‘Deco’ Album: A Rejuvenating and Immersive Experience.

The album’s title track, “Deco,” is an ambient piece with an otherworldly atmosphere, where shimmering synths slowly build and ebb, painting an ethereal soundscape. It’s clear that Trago’s desire to create “electronic lullabies” for his young daughter comes to the fore on “To Be Left Unlocked,” a hypnotizing fusion of spacey electronic motifs, Steve Reich-style (synth) marimba melodies, and slowly building musical intensity.

Conclusion: ‘Deco’ – Tom Trago’s Most Musically Rich Album to Date.

As someone who loves the introspective and ethereal side of electronic music, I appreciate Trago’s ability to create a mood that is both calming and thought-provoking. His exploration of different musical avenues is evident throughout the album, and it’s a testament to his growth as an artist. The digital-only track “Blue Dope” is a perfect ending to the album, with its rejuvenating, immersive, and vibrant soundscape.

Overall, “Deco” is a mature and musically rich album that showcases Trago’s ability to create electronic music that is both soothing and thought-provoking. It’s a beautiful journey that invites the listener to explore different soundscapes and emotions, and it’s clear that Trago’s time away from dancefloors has allowed him to create a masterpiece that reflects his own personal growth as an artist.

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