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Top 8 Record Players Every Mancave Should Have

Kono Vidovic December 9, 2019 763 3 5

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Lately, vinyl records are having a revival as evident by commercially available modern turntables in the market. What was once shelled a few years ago, is making a music comeback to our entertainment rooms, parties, and events. Turntables, also called record players are one of the century-old creations that surely deserve a spot on our musical journey. In this article we are going to take a look at some record players that will fit your mancave perfectly in addition you might want to know where to dig online for vinyl.

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This is something new for me, should I get one?

Record players are made for everyone; music lovers, enthusiasts, and even casual listeners. Now that it’s back, you can expect that turntables are now equipped with modern features that make it even more appealing to the new generation.

New technology combined with a crisp and warm sound, the record player is better than ever. So the answer is yes, you should get one.

Which is the best record player for me? 

Since 2012, record players’ sales have been increasing and this is the best time to look for one. And once you have a turntable, you’ll realize that it’s a good investment because the format will surely stay for good.

Our top 8 record players for your mancave.

Thus, we listed below some of the top choice record players that you can buy now.


  • Audio-Technica ATLP120USB


When it comes to preferred brands by professionals,  Audio-Technica is one of the top choices. You can bring home the studio-grade music equipment and the model you have to get is the Audio-Technica ATLP120USB. This is one of the Audio-Technicas top record players.


The aesthetics of this record player is ergonomically designed to provide the professional feel when playing vinyl.  The audio quality is superb, and the set up is simple even for casual users. They added a USB output as well for several computer applications including the recording of vinyl playback.


  • JOPOSTAR Bluetooth Turntable


For budget-conscious users, The JOPOSTAR Bluetooth Turntable is for you without compromising the features of a modern record player. It has a USB port, two built-in stereo speakers, and audio out for external blasters. For your wireless speakers or headphones, its Bluetooth connection option will do the job.


For audio enthusiasts though, the price point and the features came with a compromise, the audio quality. But for casual users, the audio levels and quality will be fine, especially with its external speaker option. On the looks department, the record player mimics the classic turntable with its solid wood design. 


  • Stir It Up Turntable


Rohan Marley, reggae icon Bob Marley’s famous son leads the company called the “House of Marley” and  The Stir It Up Turntable is one of their sought after products. The company is known for its advocacy in producing environment-friendly and good quality audio products.

One solid feature of this record player is its dual-speed and belt-driven turntable. The belt and the automatic pitch control also brings out the high quality audio of this record player.

For external audio output, it has the standard 3.5mm jack and USB port for recording the vinyl playback as well. 

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  • RT81 by Fluance 


The RT81 by  Fluance is marketed to be as the turntable for starters. However, its features are that excellent that even audiophiles will agree that this is not only for newbies on record playing. It’s fairly easy to set up, which casual users will be glad to find out. The Fluance RT81 features a decent built-in phonographic preamp which can be switched off should the user prefers an external one. Users will also be glad to know that its price is budget-friendly as well. 


  • Clearaudio Concept


One of the best in looks and sound quality from this list, the Clearaudio Concept is every audiophile’s dream turntable to lock themselves in a room for hours. The sound is detailed and rich, and the build is minimalistic and superb. Easy to maintain and operate, the Clearaudio Concept is almost flawless. The only concern that users may find not that amusing is its hefty average price tag of $1,800.    


  • Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT


Another one from Audio-Technica, the AT-LP60XBT is a slightly cheaper alternative for ATLP120USB. Audiophiles and newbies will enjoy its simple set up, and the advantage of wireless playback.

Know for using the best quality cartridges, Audio-Technica used a conical type stylus in the AT-LP60XBT which signals out more details of the song as it plays. The AT-LP60XBT also utilizes Bluetooth technology for external wireless speakers and headphones. 


  • Technics SL 1500c


The company has been around since 1972 and is known to produce excellent quality audio products. After the release of the SL1200 MK7 for DJ’s, the Technics SL-1500C is the latest addition to their line up of superb turntables. The Technics SL 1500cc features a remarkable sound clarity output, and even the smallest details can be heard from this aluminum spinner. 


  • Denon DP-300F


The wallet-friendly Denon DP-300F is one of the most good-looking record players on this list. Other than the looks, the turntable also sounds great and Denon is known for that as well. The Denon DP-300F has a fully automatic auto-start function to avoid the faster wearing of the needle. Although its build is plastic, the quality is still better on this price range. It may not have a USB function, but it has a nifty phono preamp.  

For more details of the products listed above, check out the best record player reviews at KaraokeBananza.com. 

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