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Track by Track: Turbojazz Takes Us on a Journey Through His New Album ‘Whateverism’

Kono Vidovic January 31, 2023 232 5 5

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Turbojazz is back with a brand new album, Whateverism on Last Forever records. This full-length collection celebrates twenty years in the music business for Turbojazz. And it’s a kaleidoscopic journey that glides from one track to the next in a highly impression fashion through shades of House, Nu Jazz, Hip House, Soul. And the most modern electronic drifts of Deep. Full to the brim with collaborations, you can find the much acclaimed MC Dave Giles II on this album. Detroit’s very own Nikki O (Moodymann’s most featured vocalist on Mahogani Music) also features on this album, as well as Japan’s Brisa from Bastard Jazz family.

Turbojazz – Whateverism.

We had the unique opportunity to interview Turbojazz himself about this musical masterpiece! It was a thrill hearing him explain how each track was produced, where he drew his inspiration from, and all of the other fascinating details behind creating the album. Let’s dive in and explore!


This has been the first track I wrote and the one that made me understand it was time to work on an album project. It has set up “the standard” of the level I wanted to keep all over the tracks. I started writing down this composition in the studio with my long-time keyboardist and friend Veezo and after putting down the main idea I remember that I ran home to program drums and arrange it a little bit more. After that it went in the hands of the great drummer Fabio De Angelis who re-recorded the real drums and here you go… I had the opening track of the album.


I discovered Sara during a holiday spent in the south of Italy where, one night, she was performing as a basker in a beautiful square of a small town of Puglia. After that meeting I always wanted to collaborate with her and what a better chance than the album? She was excited about it and in a very short time we created this beautiful and meaningful track that comes with a video shot in her beautiful city Naples. Have a look!


Arya is another up rising italo- Colombian singer that I discovered one night during one of her performances as chorister for a very popular Italian artist and wow, I instantly thought I had to bring her talent out as a leading voice. We met up at my studio a few weeks later and I had one of those moments where you play a beat hoping the singer will dig it and that’s what happened! She started writing lyrics and recording vocal lines successfully until Demetrius Rhymes after his EP “Before it All Burns down” release decided to jump on it too, all enriched by the sax and flute of Italian maestro Domenico Mamone.

Turbojazz - Whateverism


Brisa is definitely one of my favorite Japanese producers out there and I decided to let him know about it one day by sending a dm via IG. He replied quickly saying that he also was really into my productions so I sent those crazy drums with a couple of chords progression and we started bouncing the project back and forth until another Italian young jazzist prodigy: Riccardo Sala blessed us with that absurd sax solo and giving us the closing of this very particular track.


The riff of “Stay Balanced” came out playing around during a lunch break in the studio with Veezo that was trying out my new Korg SV1 piano until I looked at him saying: “WAIT.. do it again!” and adding a few ideas until we had the main Rhodes riff in a few minutes. All the other elements came quickly during that day and the rhythm session was the most natural thing to program. At that time Dave+Sam project remixed one of my fave Brisa songs and I instantly asked him to put me in contact with Dave to ask about a feature on the album and he said yes! The track was so solid and I decided it to be one of the singles of the album so I jumped on a plane to meet him in LA and shoot the Official video. Did you see it??


Ahah this is one of my crazy experiments with samples and I really wanted to add some interlude in the album. This got the name of “illudion” because how I played the sample is something almost Impossible to replicate on a piano and these are the illusive space where the magic of music can also live.


The beautiful vocal of madame Nikki O wasn’t for this song but another beat I originally sent to her in Detroit a few months before me and Sean worked together on this production but I thank god to have decided to refresh that project and make it suitable for the album. I love this song!


This is another sample experiment. I love how it brings you in that space of alignment and meditation perfect to embrace the listen of the last song.


This is one of the most interesting songs I ever arranged in my career and I remember having spent a huge amount of hours recreating the exact thing I had in mind. Then the very end of this song was something I really felt to change, even if the track was already 90% done but it magically came out exactly how I thought. 

Enjoy it!

A few final words.

Step into an alluring musical adventure with Turbojazz and be immersed in their captivating offerings. In tow are a collection of sensations, featuring the ethereal vocals of Neapolitan and SriLankese songstress Sara Vandewrt, mixed with the heart wrenching duets from Los Angelino rapper Demetrius Rhymes alongside Arya on ‘We Lost A Night’. Brimming with excitement, each track yields pulsating beats, melded together by Tommy’s long-time accomplice Veezo’s brilliant key work. Enter this enthralling universe and witness the supreme talents that dwell within as Turbojazz takes center stage, sure to leave you mesmerized and begging for more. Grab your vinyl copy here.

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