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Turner Club’s ‘Hearts and Minds EP’: A Nostalgic Journey Through House – Full Review.

Kono Vidovic March 6, 2024 125 7 5

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As someone deeply entrenched in the vibrant world of house music, both as a DJ and curator at Dirty Disco, I’ve always been on the lookout for sounds that not only move the body but also the soul. It’s a rare delight when I stumble upon music that feels like a revelation, a sonic exploration that transcends mere rhythm and melody to tap into something deeper. The ‘Hearts and Minds EP’ by Turner Club is precisely one of these discoveries. Born from the union of two friends on a dance floor in the northeast of England, this EP is a heartfelt homage to the spirit of house music, infused with a nostalgic essence that harks back to the golden era of the 80s.

Turner Club PRESS PIC (Hearts and minds)

Turner Club – Hearts and Minds EP review.

Turner Club kicks off their musical venture with a bang, offering an EP that weaves through the intricacies of human emotion against a backdrop of lush, vintage soundscapes. The opening track, ‘Confusion,’ immediately sets the tone, melding the madness of one’s soul with a compelling hardware groove and a symphony of jutting synths. It’s a track that speaks to the turmoil within, paired with an undeniably danceable beat.

The title track, ‘Hearts and Minds,’ continues to delve into this intimate narrative. Here, the vocals take center stage, raw and laden with emotion, against the backdrop of powerful 80s drums. It’s a song that captures the essence of introspection, of looking inward, all while compelling you to move.

‘Silhouette of Love’ shifts gears, offering a moment of respite from the EP’s pulsating energy. It’s a raw love song, stripped down to its core, with straining synths that tug at the heartstrings. This track showcases Turner Club’s ability to explore vulnerability and tenderness without losing the essence of their sound.

Finally, ‘Escape’ rounds off the EP, venturing into the realm of UK Broken Beat. It’s a testament to Turner Club’s versatility, offering a blend of danceable beats and emotional resonance. Kaidi Tatham vibes permeate the track, creating a juxtaposition that’s both unique and deeply moving.


The ‘Hearts and Minds EP’ is a remarkable debut for Turner Club, marking the inception of Turner Club Music with a bold statement. This EP is not just a collection of tracks; it’s an emotional odyssey that pays homage to the roots of house music while charting its own course into the future. It’s a celebration of friendship, of shared memories, and of the unifying power of music.

As I reflect on the journey this EP has taken me on, I can’t help but extend my deepest gratitude to Turner Club for this musical gift. For those yet to experience the ‘Hearts and Minds EP,’ I urge you to dive in. You’re not just listening to an EP; you’re embarking on a voyage that captures the very essence of what it means to connect through music.

In a world where the genuine and heartfelt can sometimes feel lost in the sea of the electronic, Turner Club’s ‘Hearts and Minds EP’ stands as a beacon of hope and a reminder of why we fell in love with house music in the first place. To Turner Club, thank you for this masterpiece. To our readers, I implore you, do not miss this. Check out their Bandcamp and immerse yourself in the profound journey that is the ‘Hearts and Minds EP’. Your soul will thank you.

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