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Unalloyed Pleasure In Electronic Deep House Music – Dirty Disco 308

Kono Vidovic May 27, 2019 439

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After last weeks 26 electronic music essentials, it’s time for some unalloyed pleasure with this weeks essentials selection that i once again curated and mixed together into one smooth mix for you. The overall sound in this installment will be mostly electronic deep house music with a touch of funky soul. Jazzy Jazz and colorful Disco. To build it up to a more sophisticated atmospheric journey in music.

Unalloyed Pleasure - Dirty Disco 308

Unalloyed Pleasure in Dirty Disco 308.

Let’s take a look into what you can expect in this weeks music podcast. Last week i found a couple of new EP’s that came out on some real good record labels like: Quintessentials, K7 Records, the label run by Soul Clap. Freerange records, DFTD (the sub label by Defected) M-Plant, Blaq Numbers, Meda Fury and Fine Germany records. Among these releases are new ep’s from Hugo Mari, Johannes Albert, the father daughter duo ‘Floorplan’. Urulu, Todd Edwards & Sinden.

Unalloyed Pleasure - Hugo Mari - Freerange Records

Hugo Mari – Unalloyed Pleasure EP.

I sort of dedicated this weeks show title to the new EP from Hugo Mari – Unalloyed Pleasure EP which has been released on the Freerange Records label. This release includes 3 new tracks from Hugo Mari. All 3 tracks, Raise It Up, Just A Memory and the main title track Unalloyed Pleasure are being played in this weeks essentials mix. Next to that there is good news for all ‘deep house / electronic music vinyl lovers’ As the release is not only available as digital format and through the music streaming services. But it’s also available as a hand-stamped 12”.

Johannes Albert – Roads & Things EP.

Not only the new Unalloyed Pleasure release is an EP where i play many tracks from’ The new release by Johannes Albert – Roads & Things on the Fine Germany label also deserves 3 plays from us. It seems that Johannes Albert dedicated the track names to some streets. I’m not sure where these streets are, i did not do some research on that. But track names like 97 Austin Blvd, 3001 Larking Way and 116 Pilgrim Street can be found around the globe but it seems that most of them are findable in the United Kingdom.

Urulu - Swales - Dirty Disco 308

Urulu – Metroid EP.

Next to Unalloyed Pleasure and Roads & Things. I’m also playing 3 tracks from the new EP by Urulu – Metroid EP. Released on the These Things Take Time imprint this release includes 4 new tracks by producer Urulu. In this weeks podcast I’m playing you the main title track ‘Metroid’, Orbital and Static Dancer. Which are all deep towards the tech side but with a lot of atmosphere kind of tracks. For the real vinyl lovers and crate diggers out there. There is a heavyweight 12” available to order.

Quintessentials & Blaq Numbers with a various artists EP series.

Among these new EP’s by above mentioned producers. There are also a few various artists EP’s on Blaq Numbers and Quintessentials. The first one Blaq Numbers released their first Cheesylover 001 EP which includes new tracks by Larry Houl – Hot Boogie, which lives up to its name with a very Nu Disco rich boogie sound. Also Slamb – Mellow Terrace is featured on the Cheesylover EP.

Quintessentials came out with also a first of a series. Called ‘Enjoy Your Cuppa Vol 1’ Which includes beautiful deep house groovers from: Marc Bianco, Roy Vision and Wearing Shoes, which is a odd thing to do right? Especially since we are taking off our clothes later in this episode to get dirty with some very realistic sex by Eliphino. 😉

Red Axes - Floorplan - Cheesylover

Red Axes – Trips #2 In Vietnam on K7 Records.

Last but not least i want to mention the new release on the K7 Record label. Red Axes, who recently traveled around in Africa . Now traveled all the way to Vietnam for a new special project where they collaborated with local artists and musicians on this new EP: Trips #2 In Vietnam. Niv Arzi and Dori Sadovnik explored the local culture of Vietnam and met local people to jam new music with them and records this. They also gave some workshops to youth music schools and during their journey they created a few nice tracks with a deeper lying thought and a lot of Vietnam pureness. As this release is definitely worth listening and supporting. We are already looking forward to their next special project.

As you can see there is a lot Unalloyed Pleasure in this weeks essentials series. I really hope you will enjoy this weeks mix. Feel free to e-mail me about the DJ only mix. Or a customized Playlist or Custom DJ mix for your own listening pleasure or for your business. If you want to know more about this service, just contact me and i will tell you more about it.

This weeks playlist entries in Dirty Disco 308.

Artist – Track title
Larry Houl – Hot Boogie
Marc Bianco – Wet Scott
Roy Vision – Walking Tall
Wearing Shoes – Heroes (Chelly K Vox Mix)
Slamb – Mellow Terrace
Johannes Albert – 97 Austin Blvd
Red Axes – Hue (Ft Music Academy Students)
Swales – Supernatural
Johannes Albert – 3001 Larking Way
Hugo Mari – Raise It Up
Hugo Mari – Unalloyed Pleasure
Johannes Albert – 116 Pilgrim Street
Hugo Mari – Just A Memory
Floorplan – So Glad
Floorplan – I Feel Him Moving
Eliphino – NSPG
Todd Edwards & Sinden – Deeper
Urulu – Static Dancer
Urulu – Orbital
Urulu – Metroid
Lawrence Hart & Casually Here – Swimming Up

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