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Unearthing Disco Gold with Flying Mojito Bros: The Untold Story Behind These 7  Magnificent Tracks.

Kono Vidovic June 15, 2023 241 2 5

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Welcome to a sonic journey through the sand-laden dancefloors of the Desert Disco. We’re here to unearth the gems of a unique music genre with none other than the leading pioneers, the Flying Mojito Bros. The dynamic DJ/producer duo, celebrated for their tasteful reworks of classics and their deft knack for spotlighting underappreciated gems, is known to electrify any festival with their infectious grooves. From their early mixtapes to their recent celebrated retouch on Gloria Ann Taylor’s ‘Be Worthy’ under the auspices of the revered Ubiquity Records, they’ve left indelible footprints on the sands of time. In this intimate conversation, we delve into their Magnificent 7 – the seven tracks that have charted their wild ride through the desert of disco.

Hola. We’re Flying Mojito Bros, a producer/DJ duo bringing Desert Disco and Outlaw House to the masses. 

Rodeo Cósmico.

This is a recording of a very early mixtape we put together, back around 2015 – FMB edits of some really killer crusty country rock, augmented by an accompanying visuals show, all of which we performed live at the time. We’re proud of this flag in the sand – including painstakingly lip-syncing the vocalists where possible…

Rudy Norman – Back To The Streets Flying (Mojito Bros Refrito)

Rudy! The sweetest guy. This was an important release for us in two ways – being invited by the man himself to rework such a cult AOR track and also for leading to our first release with Ubiquity Records by starting what’s now a really strong and fruitful relationship. The remix also found itself released around the time lockdown was easing so its chorus line felt really powerful to us then too.

Scott Hirsch – No No (Flying Mojito Bros Refrito)

Absolutely loved how this one worked out – we’d been fervent admirers of Scott’s first record and when we heard his second ahead of release, the super gloopy ‘No No’ sidled up alongside us, winked and walked on without saying a word. Wowed, we duly followed! In our minds, we wanted to take this to a Palm Springs poolside scenario, and we feel we achieved that alright.

Steely Dan – Do It Again (Flying Mojito Bros Refrito)

Some people like to create their own videos / uploads for our edits on Youtube, which we don’t mind (how could we?) – this is one of the better ones haha. Anyhow, this remix means a lot to us as it’s probably one of the best received works we’ve done, always getting a great reaction on dancefloors and radio to this day. It was a joy to find ourselves in possession of the original stems… felt like we were handling the holy remnants of the Shroud of Turin or something! And that is why we now wear white gloves in the studio.

James Alexander Bright & Flying Mojito Bros – Mirage In The Mojave

As we said at the time: “James entered El Mondo FMB burning up through our atmosphere like a white-light-bright ball of molten creative energy. Shades on, we looked up and awaited his inevitable impact. Smiling”. Yeah, this fella really is just such a ball of energy, absolutely popping with song ideas, melodies, hooks, and WHAT a voice, even more so live. Go see him when you can. Top, top human being too.

Black Peaches – Fire & A Water Sign (Flying Mojito Bros Refrito)

Going back to the source! Our first official refrito was of family friends Black Peaches –the bad-ass-est group of supremely accomplished musicians you could hope to have witnessed play at the time. Based in London like us, they fused American boogie with voodoo, funk with fire. Our jaws hit the floor and a couple of DJ support slots for them accelerated FMB into existence sooner than might otherwise have occurred.

Flying Mojito Bros – Greatest Hits (1970-1983)

Of all our releases, this vinyl compilation is probably the one that means the most to us, being a celebration of our first few years of FMB edits. A simple thing to do, but we were so overwhelmed by the concentrated reaction it brought about from people. It also felt like bringing our favourites together into one collection – in addition to pressing it on a double LP release – closed a chapter and opened fresh pages ahead of us. A lot has indeed happened since then, which is very exciting.

End conclusion.

That’s all from the dusty trail today, folks. We thank the Flying Mojito Bros for letting us into their vibrant world of Desert Disco and Outlaw House, for sharing the untold stories behind their Magnificent 7 tracks. There’s no doubt these two are set to blaze an even more intriguing path in the music world. Don’t forget to follow them on their journey and explore their enthralling soundscapes. Remember, the next time you find yourself at a festival, keep an ear out for the unmistakable rhythms of the Flying Mojito Bros – because nothing says ‘party’ like a little desert disco. Check more music on Ubiquity here.

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