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Unearthing the Holy Grail of NYC Indie Disco History: Midnight Magic’s ‘I Found Love EP’ Reviewed.

Kono Vidovic March 24, 2023 233 4 5

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Uncovering an Indie Disco Masterpiece! Razor N Tape records have done it again with the release of Midnight Magic’s “Found Love EP,” featuring a rare gem of NYC indie disco history that has been kept hidden for over a decade. The package includes the original track, “I Found Love,” and a series of impressive remixes by renowned producers such as Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca, Sophie Lloyd, Perel, and Derrick Carter.

Midnight Magic

Meet Midnight Magic: The Nine-Member Act behind “I Found Love EP”.

Midnight Magic is a nine-member band from Brooklyn, New York, heavily influenced by ’70s and early-’80s dance music, including funk bands and post-disco producers. The band consists of Andrew Raposo, Morgan Wiley, and Carter Yatusake, all of whom were members of Hercules & Love Affair, along with vocalist Tiffany Roth, Jason Disu, Andrew Frawley, Max Goldman, Nick Roseboro, and Caito Sanchez. Since their debut in 2010, Midnight Magic has released several singles, EPs, and albums, all of which have received critical acclaim.

“I Found Love” and Midnight Magic’s Musical Evolution.

The EP’s title track, “I Found Love,” was recorded during Midnight Magic’s early period, which produced many of their legendary hits. Despite its quality, the song never received an official release until now, having been heard only by select ears and lucky concert goers. The original version of the track features groovy basslines, funky guitar riffs, and Tiffany Roth’s powerful vocals. Its catchy melody and upbeat tempo are guaranteed to make you want to dance.

The Luminous Remixes: Bringing “I Found Love” to Life.

The EP’s remixes offer new twists to the original track, showcasing the diverse range of producers involved. Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca’s “Erodiscotique Remix” adds a touch of disco sophistication with its funky rhythm guitar and vintage synths, while Sophie Lloyd’s remix takes a more electronic direction, featuring a pulsating bassline and atmospheric synths. Perel’s remix is a perfect blend of ’80s synth-pop and modern dance music, with dreamy synths and a catchy chorus. Derrick Carter’s dub remixes add a house touch, emphasizing the track’s rhythm section and adding a touch of acid house to the mix.

Tracklist: A Breakdown of the “I Found Love EP” Formats.

The vinyl edition of the EP includes four tracks, with Perel’s remix opening the EP with its catchy hook and dreamy synths. The original track, “I Found Love,” follows, showcasing the band’s funk and disco influences. Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca’s “Erodiscotique Remix” adds a touch of French sophistication to the EP, with its vintage synths and funky rhythm guitar. Sophie Lloyd’s remix closes the EP with its pulsating bassline and atmospheric synths.

Midnight Magic - I Found Love vinyl record

The digital edition of the EP includes three digital EPs, each featuring a different set of remixes. The first EP, “I Found Love,” includes the original track and the remixes by Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca, Perel, and Sophie Lloyd. The second EP, “I Found More Love,” includes dub remixes of the original track by Perel, Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca, and an extended version of Sophie Lloyd’s remix. The third EP, “Derrick Carter Dubs,” includes two dub remixes of the track by Derrick Carter.

Midnight Magic

Some final Dirty Disco words on this awesome EP.

Overall, “Found Love EP” is a must-have for any disco or dance music enthusiast. It showcases Midnight Magic’s unique blend of funk, disco, and post-disco influences, while also highlighting the skills of some of the most renowned producers in the business. The EP is a testament to Midnight Magic’s talent and longevity, as well as Razor N Tape’s commitment to unearthing rare gems of dance music history. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary release!

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