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Unleashing the Sonic Odyssey of Dirty Disco 505: A Curated Expedition into Music’s Hidden Gems.

Kono Vidovic May 28, 2023 316 5 5

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Hello and welcome once again, music explorers. This is Kono Vidovic, your faithful guide on this sonic journey we call Dirty Disco 505. This week, we’re embarking on another electrifying adventure with Dirty Disco episode 505, a carefully curated blend of diverse rhythms and soul-stirring melodies that will surely ignite your passion for music.

The Dynamic World of Lovetempo

We kick off this week’s show with a pair of tracks from Lovetempo, the hypnotic dance project from Brooklyn-based musician, producer, and singer Mattie Safer, formerly of The Rapture and Poolside. Lovetempo’s unique blend of jazz-funk, disco, Latin percussion, and house music is irresistibly danceable, moving both body and soul. “There’s No You” and “The Sun (Yuksek Remix)” from his latest album will get your feet tapping in no time.

James Bright’s Soundscapes

Next up, we’re featuring three mesmerizing tracks from James Bright, a seasoned recording artist and producer from the North West of England. His work with genres like electronica, downbeat, chillout, deep house, and Balearic is a testament to his versatility. Listen for the intricate layers in “How High”, “Ricochet”, and “The Garden Of Sound” as they transport you to different realms of sound.

Club Squisito’s Electro Jazz Vibes

We then shift gears with a heart-throbbing track, “Listen To My Heart” by Club Squisito, an electro jazz band formed by Valerio Semplici of Black Box fame, along with professional DJs Mirco B and Mattia. The trio has been consistently acclaimed for their distinctive sound, blending the old and the new into an excitingly unpredictable musical experience.

The Enigmatic Othawords

Adding to our eclectic mix, we bring you “Heist” by the mysterious Othawords, a Moscow-based project with a distinct electronic house flavor. While little is known about this enigmatic duo, their work speaks for itself, captivating listeners with a unique style that’s both fresh and compelling.

Klankarbeit’s Dutch Delights

Next on our musical journey, we delve into three tracks from Klankarbeit, a live act and producer duo based in Rotterdam. They bring a distinct flair to the Dutch electronic music scene, and their tracks “I Think I Know”, “In The Box”, and “Miami” reflect the dynamism and creativity inherent in their work.

Yonatan Rukhman’s Genre-Defying Creations

Following Klankarbeit, we have two tracks from Yonatan Rukhman, an electronic music artist from Tel Aviv. His genre-defying music traverses Deep House, Nu Disco, Downtempo, and Organic House. Both “Dream Supreme” and “Let’s Do The Math” are a testament to his wide-ranging musical talent.

The Afro-Spiritual Grooves of Laroye

Moving on, we’re excited to present two tracks from Laroye. Known for his Afro Spiritual house, Broken beat, Boogie funk, and downtempo cuts, Laroye’s music is a melting pot of rhythm and groove. “Get Down (Ft Polose)” and “Keep On” will have you swaying to their infectious beats.

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End conclusion.

And there you have it, folks! We’ve just taken a deep dive into the eclectic world of house music in Dirty Disco 505, exploring the sounds of ten incredible artists who are currently defining and redefining the genre. From lovetempo’s unique blend of jazz-funk, disco, and house music, to James Bright’s chillout and balearic styles, we’ve spanned a diverse range of musical landscapes.

With Club Squisito’s electro jazz flavors, Klankarbeit’s Rotterdam-based beats, and Yonatan Rukhman’s deep house and nu-disco vibes, we’ve journeyed across the globe, highlighting the international reach and appeal of house music. We also ventured into the world of Afro Spiritual house with Laroye, and felt the mystique of Moscow’s electronic house scene with othawords.

We hope this podcast has left you with a newfound appreciation for the vast and diverse world of house music, and perhaps even inspired you to explore new artists and sub-genres. Stay tuned for our next episode where we’ll continue to explore the dynamic and ever-evolving world of music.

Until then, keep the rhythm alive and let the music move your soul. Tune in next time for more fresh beats, in-depth artist insights, and the latest trends in the music industry. Thanks for listening, and remember: Life is a song, love is the music!

Dirty Disco 505 Tracklist.

  1. Lovetempo – There’s No You
  2. James Bright – How High
  3. Club Squisito – Listen To My heart
  4. James Bright – Ricochet
  5. James Bright – The Garden Of Sound
  6. Lovetempo – The Sun (Yuksek Remix)
  7. Lovetempo – Turnaround (Nick Catchdubs Remix)
  8. Othawords – Heist
  9. Klankarbeit – I Think I Know
  10. Klankarbeit – In The Box
  11. Yonatan Rukhman – Dream Supreme
  12. Laroye – Get Down (Ft Polose)
  13. Jocelyn Brown – Somebody Else’s Guy (Alex Preston Rework)
  14. Yonatan Rukhman – Let’s Do The Math
  15. Klankarbeit – Miami
  16. Laroye – Keep On
  17. Fonzi Thornton – I Work For A Livin’ (Alex Preston Guitar Edit)
  18. Ghosted – Abandoned Planet (Ben Gomori’s Disappearing World Remix)
  19. Josh Wink – Autonomic Journeys
  20. Josh Wink – San Guine
  21. Josh Wink – Pan Gloss

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