Unlock the Groove: Episode 486 of the First Dirty Disco Podcast in 2023!

Kono Vidovic January 2, 2023 271 14 5

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Get ready to unlock the groove! Join us in episode 486 of the first Dirty Disco Podcast in 2023 for a journey fusing together new, modern and classic dance music and taking you on an adventure of rhythm and movement. Prepare to be dazzled, astonished, and amazed as we explore the world of electronic music and its influence on culture.

Dirty Disco in 2023.

Get ready for the ultimate music experience with our weekly podcast in 2023! Expect to hear forthcoming music from up-and-coming and established artists. Exclusive plays you can only get here, and insight into their craft through in-depth Q&A’s and interviews. We’ll also feature people behind the scenes of the music industry such as producers, label owners, promoters and more. Making this podcast one of a kind. So tune in every week as we explore the unforgettable world of Dirty Disco.

This first week in Dirty Disco episode 486.

This week on the first Dirty Disco Podcast in 2023, prepare to hear an eclectic mix of rhythms and sounds with forthcoming music from Move D featuring Scott Groove & Salakastar, Theory Of Movement’s “Parade Musicale”, Benjamin Long’s “Breezy” EP, Scruscru & Flat White Chris’ “Bout New Life”, Game Plan’s “Dust 2 Dawn” and Ricardo Villalobos, Tripmastaz & tRicmast’s “Svoboda (Garage Dub)”. Plus dive into exclusive plays from Si-Fi’s “2 Far Gone” LP and MoMa Ready’s” Body 22″. Don’t miss out on these amazing tracks and more!

Collaborate with us.

At Dirty Disco, we are always looking for creative individuals who share a love for electronic music. We value our contributors and strive to create an inclusive space that allows writers, designers, developers, DJs, producers and all types of creative people to express themselves through our platform. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro at what you do. If you have the passion and dedication to make an impact in the world of electronic music, then Dirty Disco is the place for you! Join us and make your mark on the music scene!

Your source for electronic music in 2023.

As we enter into the beginning of 2023, we want to thank you for choosing Dirty Disco as your source for all things electronic music. We hope that this year will bring you joy, success and happiness and we look forward to seeing you back here weekly as we explore a mix of amazing sounds from around the world. Unlock your groove for 2023 and join us again next week for another episode of Dirty Disco!


ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateFormat
Theory of MovementFete de JourParade MusicaleWhen The Morning ComesEP28-12-22DIG & 12”
Move DRight About Now (Ft Scott grooves & Salakastar)Pandemix Livejams CollectionSource RecordsLP1-12-22DIG & 12”
Theory of MovementParade MusicaleParade MusicaleWhen The Morning ComesEP28-12-22DIG & 12”
Theory of MovementAvoid l’AirParade MusicaleWhen The Morning ComesEP28-12-22DIG & 12”
Benjamin LongBreezyBreezyLtdWLblEP9-12-22DIG & 12”
Benjamin LongI Need Your LoveBreezyLtdWLblEP9-12-22DIG & 12”
Benjamin LongDo Wrong Pt 1.BreezyLtdWLblEP9-12-22DIG & 12”
Scruscru, Whatever & MeowsnFat That TrackScru’s CrewFlat White RecordsEP12-10-22DIG & 12”
Scruscru & S TimoshenkoClimb On BoardScru’s CrewFlat White RecordsEP12-10-22DIG & 12”
Game PlanDust 2 DawnClub NegotiationsBienevue RecordingsEP9-12-22DIG & 12”
Scruscru & Pasha BorisovLuv 303Scru’s CrewFlat White RecordsEP12-10-22DIG & 12”
Will BuckDeep ConcentrationJack The GruuvOff TrackEP16-12-22DIG
Scruscru & Flat White ChirsBout New LifeScru’s CrewFlat White RecordsEP12-10-22DIG & 12”
Ricardo Villalobos, Tripmastaz & tRicmastSvoboda (Garage Dub)RTC002Respect The CraftEP26-12-02DIG
Will BuckJack The GruuvJack The GruuvOff TrackEP16-12-22DIG
MoMa ReadyTime And SpaceBody 22Haus Of altrLP27-12-22DIG
Si-FiTalk2 Far GoneGLBDOMEP23-12-22DIG
Si-FiYour Restless Eyes2 Far GoneGLBDOMEP23-12-22DIG
Leo PolWho Are YouIILETAL 004Ille RecordsEP16-12-22DIG
MoMa ReadyI Want You To Be FreeBody 22Haus Of altrLP27-12-22DIG
Defekt & ExtraweltHalluzinelleDots and Pearls 7 (VA LP)Cocoon RecordsLP16-12-22DIG & 12”
Si-FiStop At Nothing2 Far GoneGLBDOMEP23-12-22DIG

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