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Wataboi – Vibin | Music review & Free Download

Kono Vidovic February 25, 2020 672 2 51 5

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Pretend your self being in a coastal area somewhere on or around a beautiful beach. Imagine a warm sunny day, with a small breeze just enough to cool you down, so it’s not too hot. While you hear and see the waves from the ocean entering the beach, surfers are trying to catch them. You are vibin’ and having a good time! That is exactly what this next track Wataboi – Vibin is about in this music review with free download.

Who is Wataboi?

Before we dive into the music, let us dive into the sea first and see who Wataboi is. When we take a look at his Soundcloud page and YouTube channel, it seems that Wataboi has that same creative mind as we here at Dirty Disco aim for.

Being creative and doing the things he loves most is clearly what stands out from his channels. The fact that his track ‘Vibin’ has a surfing vibe to it is no coincidence since he is a YouTube surfer vlogger and music producer. With Wataboi being just his latest music production alias he is also known under another monniker called ‘Bear City‘ from Halden in Norway.

When you listen to the music Wataboi creates under both his monikers you will hear that there is really no exception in terms of genres. It’s almost like you name it and he will create it. His genres range from Ambient, Electro, Deep House, Disco, Trap, Hip-Hop to Future Bass. It seems that he loves to create all styles in music.

It’s almost like you name it and he will create it.

Wataboi – Vibin music review.

This brings us to his latest track release that he gives away for free. And also the track he got our attention with when we heard it the first time. It’s no surprise that this track fits the Dirty Disco vibe from our music podcasts. If you take a listen to Wataboi – Vibin and you most probably also checked out last week’s free download by Elozzo you will hear a sort of similarity. Both have a very strong and solid bass groove where the rest of the track is builded around on.

Vibin immediately starts with a solid groove which got me moving right away. Not long after the first few bars a very funky guitar comes in and together with the bassline it generates that real Nu Disco feeling.

Together with the bassline it generates that real Nu Disco feeling.

The vocal FX, other FX and the wave sound together with the piano make me feel right at the beach and even though i’m not a surfer i definitely can visualize them. I’m on the beach enjoying myself with a cool drink while i watch other people enjoying the beautiful weather too and having good times. This is how this track makes me feel.

Next to that certain feel and emotions the track brings up. It’s a perfect lounge, chill track that is usable for many occasions. While beachbars and terasses may list it in their playlists as relaxing background vibes. It can also be very much used in any DJ set that like to create a dynamic groove to make people move. Whether it’s a part of a build-up DJ set or a breakdown.

Free HQ music download.

Wataboi – Vibin was sended to our newsletter subscribers as our weekly free download feature. That does not mean that all tracks get listed here on the website in the form of a music review and free download on our free music downloads page. If you love music like this and the music we play in our weekly podcast, you can consider subscribing to our newsletter and receive dope tracks like this every week straight in your inbox. Just fill in the form here below to grab yourself a copy from Wataboi – Vibin.

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  1. Wataboi on February 27, 2020

    Thanks for taking the time to promote my track and creating such a beautiful written blogpost, really appreciate it, much love <3
    – Wataboi

    • Kono Vidovic on February 27, 2020

      Hi Wataboi, i’m glad you like it.
      Keep making dope music, i will feature your track next weeks music podcast episode #345 as well.
      Keep them coming!

      Best regards,
      Kono Vidovic

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