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What gear does it take to produce and spread a disco hit?

Kono Vidovic December 4, 2018 165 1

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Over the past years, we’ve seen so much crazy and innovative gear passing by. This developed the hype on so-called gear junkies all over the world. But what equipment is needed to produce a hit and play it in front of a crowd? Without going to take it to the overkill level… It’s important to focus on the essential things when it comes down to producing music. Otherwise, you will lose all the focus at the start.

In this article, we take you along the most popular and essential things you need to produce a hit song. Also, we address a few topics that are not about gear, but you never should forget when starting!

what gear to produce a disco hit?

The essential controllers

There are controllers in all kinds of format and sizes… Let’s name a few: Midi-controllers, DAW-controllers, DJ-controllers, drum-controllers and much more. As a modern-day producer, you need none of them! But they can come handy when you want to speed up your workflow. A midi-controller is the most popular one since you can quickly create chords and send them to your DAW. Besides that, you honestly don’t need anything – everything is possible with a single computer and a good DAW. We even record our weekly music podcast in Ableton.

The right software for your genre?

A software-license is the essential part for a modern producer living in 2018, next to his computer of course! With a good DAW such as FL Studio, Logic Pro X or Ableton you basically can create everything you ever dreamed of! You must learn and dive-in-to some technical things, but it’s all possible in the end.

what gear to produce a disco hit?

Hear what you are making

So, you got a controller based on personal preferences, a DAW and a computer to produce hits! The last and essential part is an excellent audio reference system. This means a studio headphone or studio monitors. The essence is that you need to be able to hear what you’re doing so you get an understanding of what your fans will listen to mixing and mastering wise.

Also, watch a ton of YouTube tutorial videos and never stop learning!

Passion or money?

The last thing we want to address in this article is: passion or money? What is your drive to become a musician and play music in front of a big crowd? If it’s mostly for the money – YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE! Money can never be a motivator that will drive you for years to make it in the music industry – passion must be the main factor that drives you can keep you going for year after year to producer music and make it in the music industry.

So just a recap of things you need to make a world hit!

•    Computer

•    Software

•    A controller (not necessarily needed)

•    Studio headphones or studio speakers

•    Just a lot of passion and love!

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