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Where to buy music online? Our top 5 Online Music Shops.

Kono Vidovic October 10, 2014 186 1 5

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Where to buy music online?

Where do you buy your (EDM) Electronic Dance Music online? Nowadays the focus of selling and buying music is online, the biggest players play online so that’s what we are going to talk about today.

I’m going to give you a list of online music shops, a list of shops for your digital downloads, especially when you are a dj this list comes in handy, but if you are a listener, enjoyer of music pur sang, this article is also for you!

With my experiencing as a DJ for many years i have been around some places and seen it all, with that in mind I’m going to sum a few shops for you.

The first one to begin with is the one we probably all know.

Beatport, and not necessarily on the first spot, it’s definitely sharing the number 1 spot with Juno.
They both are the leaders and dominating the online music scene, Beatport on the other hand seems bigger, but that’s just because they are way more commercial, they sell everything from the progressive EDM music until breaks and even Hip Hop, Beatport is a great place for House, Deep House and related. Junodownload on the other hand is als a very sophisticated online music shop, they sell everything what’s in the electronic music scene they even have a bigger catalog than Beatport, but with the big labels and commercial always going first to beatport with there released they are a bit behind, but then again for some more unknown underground tracks or genres you barely have heard of, Juno is your place to be.

#1 & #2 Beatport & Juno
Juno Logobeatport logo


Also a very big player, always a bit behind on Beatport and Juno, i don’t know why, i think it hard to get on that #1 place when there’s is already a big player with a very clean and tight design with everybody used to that. Al tough Tracksource is working hard and you can see them grow! You might wanna check them out when you can’t find a particular track on the others.

Traxsource Logo

#4 Trackitdown

For me Trackitdown is not that interesting what they offer is not that much, i think Trackitdown is trying to compete with traxsource, while traxsource is competing with the the two biggest players Beatport & Junodownload.

Trackitdown logo

#5 DJ Tunes

And then there is DJ Tunes, similar to Trackitdown if you ask me, not that good in genres and pricing.

Dj Tunes Logo

A store which also needs a little mention is Itunes, the biggest player when it comes to music in general, in the EDM genre they also have to offer a lot, but they are not DJ & Artist focused like the ones i summed up for you.

If you would like to buy some stuff on Itunes click the Itunes logo here it will directly lead you to the shop.
Itunes logo

If you are looking for online vinyl shop, you should check out my article on that here.

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